A besotted student who could not get over rejection after only one date began a campaign of harassment of a young undergraduate, a court heard.

Kaichen Ma repeatedly tried to contact the woman, constantly changing his phone number when she blocked him, bought her unwanted gifts and met her at Durham University lectures to which he was not entitled to attend.

Durham Crown Court heard at one stage he bought her a plane ticket to go with him to his native China, while he also sent prejudicial messages about her Muslim faith and had a kilogram of pork delivered to her accommodation.

It drove the victim to mental breakdowns, left her frightened to leave her student accommodation unescorted, and she even missed a fortnight of studies earlier this year fearing she may come into contact with the defendant on her return to Durham.

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Despite being arrested and told to keep away from her, Ma ignored the bail condition and continued his stalking campaign while also trying to persuade her not to proceed with criminal proceedings for harassment.

But after approaching her in the street when she did return to Durham to resume her course, he was arrested again and has remained on remand in custody since.

The 21-year-old defendant, of Tolleshunt Knights in Maldon, Essex, admitted charges of stalking and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Matthew Bean, prosecuting, said the pair met at a nightclub on September 30 and exchanged contact details, before a date was arranged a few days later.

Having dined at a Turkish restaurant and gone to the cinema, Ma tried to kiss the woman and touch her arm as he was walking her home.

She tried to explain she was not interested and that he was being too forward with her.

But he could not handle rejection and over following days sent her numerous messages.

Mr Bean said despite being repeatedly blocked by her, he would send her further messages using 44 different numbers, and turned up at her lectures, even though he was not on the same course.

He bought a ticket to a winter ball she was attending with friends on November 27, approaching her five times that night despite being told to leave her alone.

Unwanted gifts, addressed to: “The love of my life”, began being left at her door, including a Pandora ring, groceries, cards, plus a Christian book, and the kilo of pork, even though he knew full well she was a Muslim.

Mr Bean said she became exhausted with his persistence and in constant fear of what he may do next.

Following his initial arrest on December 1, he was bailed on condition that he did not contact or approach the woman.

But, later in December he sent her further messages asking her to show mercy on him, urging her to drop the police complaint against him.

Further messages were sent in which he sought a bargain between them, describing it as, “a win, win solution”, suggesting a compromise so they could be, “casual friends, with benefits”.

He suggested she could join him on a visit to China, booking a flight ticket for her to Beijing.

But Mr Bean said there were other messages in which Ma made references to the Armenian genocide, knowing she was Turkish and of its historic sensitivity.

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Ma also offered to pay her a month of his salary when he was in work, so that the harassment complaint would not be pursued and he also messaged the victim’s sister.

Other messages inferred he would commit suicide due to the court proceedings, and some were of a more sinister nature, saying if she told police about the recent contact, in breach of his bail condition, he, “had a way to handle it.”

Having missed two weeks of university, when she did return to Durham in January her mother came with her due to the distress it was causing her.

He was arrested again after approaching the woman in the street on January 30 and he made no comment in his police interview.

In her impact statement, the victim said his harassment had caused her to have breakdowns, left her frightened to leave her room and made her physically sick on an almost nightly basis.

It also affected her studies and she struggled to sleep, while she has also sought counselling.

Katie Spence, in mitigation, said Ma went about the relationship and the rejection, “in all the wrong ways”, describing the defendant as, “socially immature”.

But she said the weeks he has spent in custody have brought it home to the defendant that he, “absolutely behaved improperly”.

She said it was his first taste of custody and he has been out of contact with his family, struggling with anxiety.

Miss Spence added that he was, “incredibly remorseful” and would work with the Probation Service if any prison sentence was suspended.

But Judge James Adkin said there was, “disturbing traits” over his actions.

“Stalkers appear to be individuals who don’t seem to accept a woman’s right to say they are not interested in seeing them any more.”

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Judge Adkin said his “obsessive, persistent” behaviour had a great impact on the victim and continued despite the bail condition not to contact her.

Imposing a total 28-month prison sentence, he said Ma would serve half in custody and should then be deported.

He also made Ma subject of a restraining order, prohibiting him from contacting or approaching the victim for 15 years.