Dog lovers looking for a new friend will be delighted to learn there are lots of furry pals up for adoption across the North East.

As Spring officially begins, plenty of dogs are hoping to form bonds with new friends and enjoy the (hopefully) improving weather.

Adoption centres across County Durham and Teesside have plenty of rescue dogs looking for a forever home.

We have compiled a list of six pups hoping to bring some light into their new owner's lives.

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Mash, Turkish Kangal - 6 to 12 months

The Northern Echo:

This handsome lad is looking for a new forever home and a brand new friend this spring.

Staff at the centre have said this young pup is "very friendly" and knows how to sit, lie down and give a paw.

Mash is a big, strong boy and, unsurprisingly, can be quite strong on the lead on occasion, but the centre have said his training to rectify this is coming along quite well.

Having spent a significant period of his life in kennels, Mash will need a patient owner willing to help him transition into a new life.

The centre have recommended this canine be adopted into households with children aged 15 and over, while they have also said he should not live with cats.

A gentle giant, those looking to adopt Mash will gain a friend with a heart as big as he is.

Ella, Crossbreed - Approximately 9 years

The Northern Echo:

This beautiful canine sadly arrived into RSPCA care after being abandoned, and is looking for another chance and forever home.

Staff have described this wonderful pup as a "very friendly girl who loves a fuss and attention."

She knows how to sit and give a paw, she can be a little strong on lead on occasions and may require further work on this once in a new home. 

While she gets on well with other dogs at the centre, they believe she would be best served being the only dog in her new home.

In terms of living with children, staff at Felledge believe Ella can live with children above the age of 15.

If she sounds like the dog for you, Ella would be delighted to meet her new friends and enjoy the rest of her life.

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Luna, Crossbreed - Approximately 1 year

The Northern Echo:

This lovely lady is searching for her forever home and is eagerly awaiting her new owner.

Luna has had a hard go of it so far, coming into RSPCA care severely underweight and very stunted in her growth.

Since then, she has gained plenty of weight and is now suitable to be transitioned into a new environment.

Although she gets on well with other dogs, the centre believe she should be the only dog in the home at present so she can focus on her training and acclimatise properly.

They have also recommended Luna live in a household with children aged 15 or over, and not live with cats.

If you believe you can offer Luna a great home, the RSPCA would love to talk to you and have you fill out one of their adoption forms.

Minnie, American Bulldog - 3-6 months

The Northern Echo:

Minnie by name, mini by stature, this young pup is looking for a loving new home.

Unfortunately, Minnie has had a rough start to life, coming into the centre after being abandoned in a crate with her littermates.

As such, she will require more time and patience to help her fit into family life, after missing out on crucial socialisation.

The centre have recommended she be adopted into a household where she is the only pet, and who have older children who are experienced with lively dogs.

They have said that Minnie loves food and can be quite mouthy and demanding at times, but also knows how to sit and walks nicely on the lead.

The centre have warned anyone looking to adopt Minnie that it will be more challenging than most other dogs, and will take lots of responsibilty, patience and dedication to her training.

If you are prepared to put in the time and effort, this boisterous and clever dog could be your new best friend.

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Trixie, Lurcher - Approximately 1 year

The Northern Echo:

This young girl is a young, energetic girl who the centre have said adores her walks and cuddles.

Not a fan of being of left alone, she will require a home with someone who is around most of the time.

Trixie loves other dogs so may be able to live with a friendly dog, and is suitable to live with cats and children pending a successful introduction.

For anyone looking to adopt Trixie or any of the other dogs in this list, visit here.