Jason Pritchard has been made Group Chief Executive Officer at Fitfactory Technology Ltd in Stockton.

Fitfactory Technology Ltd forms a key part of the SCALE Digital Ventures group, a collection of specialist software companies who provide leading digital transformation and innovative solutions across all sectors within the manufacturing industry.

Jason joined the company in May 2021 as Group CCO, and was later promoted to Group MD in July 2021.

He said: “Since joining the company in May 2021 as the Group CCO, I have been fortunate enough to play a pivotal role in driving the business forward.

"In the first year, I successfully led the companies to achieve around 100% ARR growth, resulting in an overall turnover increase of around 40%.

"In addition to this, I was instrumental in opening our Stockton, Cardiff and Glasgow offices, increasing the headcount in our Stockton office, and successfully reshoring full-time developers’ job roles.

"I also had the pleasure of launching global partnerships in India, Canada, China, Australia, and America to strengthen our global presence and drive company growth."

Jason is also a Regional Board advisor for the Northern Automotive Alliance and Make UK.

"Moving forward, I am excited to continue my journey with the company and help drive the growth of the Stockton Office team by another 50% worth of full-time employees in the future.

"I am grateful for the opportunities presented to me and the trust placed in me to lead the company.

"I look forward to continued success and growth in the future."

Fitfactory Technology Ltd will soon release their new cloud-based ERP system, which uses predictive analytics to anticipate potential bottlenecks, so users can proactively manage production timelines and avoid delays. Fitfactory’s AI algorithms are designed to learn from user behaviour and adapt to their preferences over time, meaning the system will become more efficient and effective the longer it’s used.