Prime Minister and Richmond MP Rishi Sunak is understood to have had to get electric power cables upgraded to cope with heating the new swimming pool at his home near Northallerton.

Planning permission for the new pool along with a tennis court was granted by Hambleton District Council in 2021.

As part of the work, it has been reported that engineers installed a new connection to the national grid running from the manor house in the small village where he lives across open fields. The pool is said to cost more than £13,000 a year to heat, with the upgrading of the lines costing thousands.

Mr Sunak has paid for the work personally but there has been criticism on social media and from Labour MP’s.

One man from Northallerton added: "It's not very good at all. He's got more money than sense I think."

Another local said: ”It really isn’t a good look spending huge amounts of money putting in a swimming pool and the electric it is using, when many people are struggling.”

A constituent from Bedale however said: "I think it is up to him, if it's what he wants to do with his money that is his perogative. It is not affecting anyone else, it looks as if it is for his family. It is not as if he is spending taxpayers' money so I don’t see it as a problem."

Mr Sunak’s office said he would not be commenting.

York Labour MP Rachel Maskell told ITV News: "Morally, you have to question what this man is about because when the people he is responsible for are struggling to pay their energy bills, and not putting their heating on, going cold and putting extra jumpers on, and he has the luxury of this swimming pool, he's so out of touch."