Information about every police call to a North East airport has revealed a bomb threat, as well as a huge amount of illegal behaviour fuelled by booze.

The data dump has come as the result of a freedom of information (FOI) request into all police incidents logged at Newcastle International Airport in 2022. It shows how Northumbria Police were called a total of 76 times to the airport last year to deal with a wide range of issues including a large amount of thefts from people's bags, as well as a number of laser strikes.

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While some low level crimes were reported, such as one incident where loose change was taken from an x-ray scanner tray, a number of more serious crimes were also reported, including a number of assaults.

Alcohol is a recurring theme in many of the incidents that saw Northumbria Police attend Newcastle Airport last year.

One of the incidents logged describes an "Intoxicated female... seen going into a cafe inside the airport terminal building, taking items from behind the counter and consuming them whilst intoxicated," while another describes how a man entered a closed cafe at 3.30am and started pouring himself pints before being stopped by police.

Another dopey offender passed through security at the airport smelling strongly of cannabis. When searched it was found that they were in possession of two illegal cannabis lollipops in their bag.

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Among the more serious incidents was a known sex offender who was arrested on their return to the country after not warning in advance that they planned to leave, in breach of the terms of them signing the sex offender's register. A traveller on another flight racially abused a member of cabin crew.

The Air Navigation Order 2016 is a piece of legislation which prohibits anybody from travelling on a plane in the UK if they're deemed to be drunk. "A person must not enter any aircraft when drunk," it says, "or be drunk in any aircraft."

The information about Newcastle Airport has been gathered by Gateshead-based stag and hen specialists Last Night of Freedom through an FOI. Their boss has said that anybody who is travelling abroad should "take the right precautions" and to be prepared when travelling.

“Travelling has changed a lot over the last 20 years, and your best laid plans can suddenly be scuppered at the drop of a hat,” said Matt Mavir, the firm’s Managing Director.

“Our investigation revealed the array of incidents police have to deal with at the airport each year, many of which have the potential to either delay flights or ground them completely.

“If you are only going away for a few days – such as on a stag or hen weekend – a hiccup like this can be devastating and really ruin your break.”

There were three incidents last year where a laser had been shone into a plane, potentially putting the lives of all on board, as well as those on the ground, in danger.

An email was also sent in October to airport staff which contained “information suggesting a device had been placed".


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“Many of these incidents definitely have the ability to derail people’s plans, and that’s why it is always best that if it is a stag or hen do, or a family holiday, you take the right precautions by ensuring your trip is insured and that you book through a professional company like Last Night of Freedom,” added Matt.

“They offer peace of mind if there’s a problem, and support on the ground to make sure if the worst happens, you have someone on hand to help you get through it.”