A North East mayor has tweeted popular duo Ant and Dec after a question on the much-loved Saturday Night Takeaway about airports left people confused.

In the show, the regular section of Win the Ads swung into play where members of the audience are asked questions based on recent news.

This week, one of the questions landed on a news story concerning a North East airport, however, the answer was not quite what you would expect.

After getting through the Win the Ads round and answering a number of questions right, Matthew was left with the decision.

He could take the prizes he had and leave, or he could play for one more question and take all the prizes up for grabs with him.

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The questions was: “It was reported this week that a London airport is to scrap the rule prohibiting containers holding more than 100ml of liquid in your hand luggage in time for this year’s Easter Holidays.

“Which airport is it, London City Airport or London Stansted?”

Matthew answers London Stansted, which sadly, is not the right answer.

However, Teesside Mayor Ben Houchen was quick to point out that it was in fact Teesside Airport was the first to scrap the 100ml liquid restriction in the UK.

Mr Houchen said: “Howay Ant and Dec, I know you’re Geordies but Teesside Airport was the first in the UK to scrap the 100ml liquid restriction. If the question had been right they might have got the right answer and won the ads! Much love from Teesside.”

The previous 100ml threshold on liquid containers has been upped to 2 litres for hand luggage at Teesside, thanks to two cutting-edge C3 scanners fully operational in security.

These high-tech scanners also remove the requirement for creams and cosmetics to be placed in separate bags, or for laptops and other electronic items to also be taken out ahead of scanning.

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Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “Once again Teesside is at the forefront of developments in the aviation industry, with our C3 scanners in place and already being used in the roll-out of the new rules, coming into force elsewhere next year.

“Some airports have announced they’re looking to end the restriction in time for the Easter holidays, but we’re one step ahead in having already scrapped the limit – showing how local, regional airports are going further, faster for the people that they serve. Passenger safety and experience is front-and-centre of all we do at Teesside Airport, and these scanners play a massive part in both.

“We’re getting lots of positive feedback from our passengers right now and, as our slate of summer holiday flights begins to ramp up at the end of this month, these scanners will be invaluable to quickly process the hundreds of thousands of people we’re set to welcome through our doors.”