A man committed a series of offences of threats, violence and damage in his home village while under the influence of drink and, particularly, drugs, last summer.

Hayden Blades was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment at Durham Crown Court after he admitted the spate of offences in his home village of Murton, in July, and then in early August, when he was arrested.

Passing sentence, Judge Jo Kidd told Blades: “It’s clear your drug use was at the heart of this offending and, in July last year, you went on a spree of offending, having been released from the previous sentence, on February 25, last year.”

The 26-year-old defendant, of Penryn Avenue, Murton, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, affray, threatening to damage property, damaging property and possessing an offensive weapon, all committed on July 16 and 17, plus assaulting two emergency workers, police officers, when they went to arrest him, late on August 5.

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Jonathan Gittins, prosecuting, told the court that on July 16, at about 8pm, Blades shouted threats about a family member into the garden of a house, claiming he would come back later and smash windows.

Later that night, accompanied by two other people, the defendant approached a man carrying a box of lager from a shop in the village and told him to withdraw £50 or he would, “smash you all over.”

In the confrontation a child was knocked to the ground and when a relative of the victim arrived to collect them, Blades made off on foot.

The following day there was a confrontation with a man who, rightly, suspected Blades had taken his son’s bike.

When the man went to an address where Blades was, at the time, he came out and there was an exchange of words, during which the defendant threw the bike to him, but then attacked the complainant's van with a metal police, smashing a side window in the vehicle.

The court heard it resulted in damage to the van costing £216 to have repaired.

Mr Gittins said when police went to an address in Murton seeking to arrest Blades, late on August 5, he climbed out of a window onto a roof, jumped off and then tried to run off, but was chased and arrested.

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During the course of his arrest he pushed an officer away and tried to head-butt another, so he was pepper-sprayed to help detain him.

When interviewed, he made no comment about the earlier matters, but told police he had not meant to harm any officers during the arrest and was only trying to get away.

Mr Gittins said Blades added that he had drunk, “a few cans during the day”, and conceded he was, “tipsy”.

Paul Cross, in mitigation, presented references, a letter and details of certificates achieved by the defendant in his time in custody, in the seven months since his arrest.

“At the time of these offences he was suffering with adhd, which he is now receiving help with, improving his self-control, but he does accept he tends to lose his self-control.”

Mr Cross said the defendant claimed the man he confronted late at night in the street did owe him money.

He said Blades made, “idle threats, amid to and fro banter”, relating to the incident with the man whose son’s bike was taken, which he claimed he was going to return.

Mr Cross said when he came to be arrested a number of police officers sat upon the defendant, to detain him, which led to him screaming in pain and lashing out as he did.

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Imposing the immediate 24-month sentence, Judge Kidd said the lateness of the defendant’s guilty pleas to most of the offences showed he was taking them, “to the wire”.

She said she felt he ought to spend more time in custody to allow him to take part in additional courses, which may help to further rehabilitate him prior to his eventual release.

Judge Kidd also made Blades subject to a four-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting or approaching the man whose child’s bike was taken by Blades.