A North East MP has been involved in a bizarre Twitter 'spat' where he bizarrely hit back at a Twitter user for posting an image of a person sticking their finger up at his constituency office. 

Conservative politician Simon Clarke MP divided the social media platform on Thursday (February 16) after hitting back at a Twitter 'troll' after a picture was shared of someone's middle finger being stuck up at his North East office. 

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In the bizarre post, Mr Clarke, who is the representative for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, quoted a tweet that he's received, which read: "Simon mate, you supported a lawbreaker as prime minister, you supported a prime minister who crashed the economy and you’re now desperately supporting a prime minister who’s out of ideas and has nothing to offer to this country.

"As my local MP, I think it’s time you call it a day."

Alongside the post, which has been shared numerous times, a person's hand can be seen swearing at the MP's office. 

In response, Mr Clarke posted his own response, which said: "Typical of the kinder, gentler politics of the Left.

"Walking down the street swearing at my hardworking office team must make you feel hugely proud.

"For what it’s worth, attempts to intimidate just make me more determined to stop Labour taking Teesside backwards."