Dog lovers looking for a new best pal will be delighted to learn there are dozens of dogs up for adoption in Darlington this month.

Dogs Trust Darlington have plenty of rescue dogs looking for a forever home this winter.

These canines are just waiting to leap into your life this February, and would all love a new home to call their own.

We have compiled a list of seven pups hoping to bring some light into their new owner's lives.

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Zeus, American Bulldog - 2 to 5 years

The Northern Echo:

Zeus has been described by staff at the trust as "sweet boy" who is ready to find a loving new home and forever family.

The trust has recommended the canine be part of a quieter home, meaning he is best suited in a household with no children under the age of 14, and not the share the area with other dogs or cats.

Before adoption, this good boy will need a few visits from his prospective new owners to become acclimated to them.

Centre staff have said the pup is quite a sensitive fellow, but becomes a "barrel of laughs" once he gets used to you.

While he should not be with other dogs at home, staff have said he imay have walking pals with the right match.

Zeus will benefit from lots of positive experiences and gentle socialisation, and providing these conditions are met, the trust is sure he will make an almighty pet.

Phoebe and Bella, German Shepherd and Rottweiler - 2 to 5 years, and 5 to 7 years

The Northern Echo:

Thick as thieves, this adorable pair are a package deal after forming an unbreakable bond.

These best friends have been described by trust staff as a potential "fantastic addition to a loving family."

The two have gained a great deal of confidence from each other, and would be suitable for households with children aged over 13.

Staff have warned that Bella can be worried by men when she first meets them but does come around quickly with help from Phoebe.

Meanwhile, isn't a big fan of sharing her toys with other dogs, meaning managament around this will be required at home.

That being said, Bella shows a lovely Sit and Down for a treat and staff are sure she will be eager to learn more.

Meanwhile, Phoebe can be strong on the lead and would benefit from training on this.

Adding to thism staff have said both are "sweet girls" and would make any home they are part of brighter.

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Branson, Crossbreed - 2 to 5 years

The Northern Echo:

This little lad has been described by staff at Dogs Trust Darlington as "sensitive," and will need space to get used his new surroundings.

A bit of a worrier he is looking for a quiet and caring owner who will show him patience as he settles in.

The trust have recommended he be adopted by an adult-only househoid, and be kept from other dogs while out walking due to anxiety around other canines.

There may be potential for him to have future doggy walking pals but he will need to be muzzled out on walks.

That being said, the centre has said Branson is very "sweet and affectionate" once he gets used to people, and loves attention, snuggles, his toys, and a good walk.

For the right owner, this chap could be the perfect companion.

Coco, Chow Chow - 2 to 5 years

The Northern Echo:

The shy Coco has been labelled by those working at the trust as "super sweet and affectionate" once she's comfortable around new people.

This beautiful girl loves to have a run around and play with people, though it must be noted she is quite hand shy but still enjoys a little fuss.

She can live with children from the age of 14 years. 

Despite the centre's recommendation she be the only dog in the household, Coco is a social girl with other dogs and would love some walking friends.

The trust believes that with the right home, Coco would make a superb addition to the family.

Darla, Bulldog Cross - 5 to 7 years

The Northern Echo:

The beautiful Darla is just waiting to meet her new owner and find her forever home.

This Bulldog Cross has been described by staff as a really sweet girl who forms really strong attachments with her chosen humans.

Despite this, she does find some aspects of life quite demanding, and will need patience to let these characteristics blossom.

The centre have said she will require some basic training and lots of positive experiences to help build her confidence to feel comfortable in more situations.

Darla will need to live in a very quiet adult only home, though will bne allowed to live with another dog pending a successful meeting at the centre.

This pup can become very bonded to one member of the family, so this needs to be managed carefully in her new home.

That being said, this loyal and devoted pup could make a great friend for just the right person.

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Jethro, Foxhound Cross - 2 to 5 years

The Northern Echo:

This dashing hound has been described by centre staff as a big, friendly giant who is very sweet.

Strong on the lead, he will require active owners who can control him and manage his considerable strength.

Playful with other dogs, the centre believes he could setlle in better where he has another dog pal to have fun with.

That being said, it is important he live in a household with children over the age of 16 and no other cats.

With the right partner in crime, this boisterous boy could be the perfect companion.

To find out more about adopting these dogs, visit here.