Cheap fuel within the UK has become increasingly difficult for motorists to find – especially petrol stations to fill up and save themselves a bit of cash.

Despite fuel prices differing significantly across the country, and that includes the North East, independent filling stations are undercutting big supermarket chains and residents are taking notice.

County Durham motorists feel like they have found one of the cheapest in the region, hailing a petrol station for its 'great value after spotting petrol for as low as 136.7p and

Those visiting G.W Holmes & Sons at the Etherley Moor Jet filling station in Bishop diesel as low as 154.7p. Auckland has been shocked – as many are claiming the garage provides the cheapest fuel in the North East.

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This comes after months of the station hitting headlines for its fuel offers, which many residents have pointed out as far cheaper than their competitors, with many travelling from miles around to avoid missing out on the deal.

Residents have since reacted online to their latest offer by praising the garage while pointing out that supermarkets are now seemingly trying to match their prices.

One happy resident said: "Give yourselves a very big pat on the back, whoever are the owners of this garage please from me."

Another delighted motorist said: "Fantastic price well done to you [all], come to Hartlepool if you want ripping off it's a disgrace, I always fill up in Bishop [Auckalnd]."

Meanwhile, another resident compared the garage to supermarket prices, and said: "Supermarkets have ripped us off for years."

While another called on residents to "support the independent local garages."

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Meanwhile, the RAC said the average price of petrol in the UK stands at 148.71p per litre, while the average price of diesel sits at 169.51p per litre.

This comes after the RAC figures show the price of unleaded petrol (including VAT) has risen by 25p from 148.73 in January to 148.98 this month.

Adding to this, the RAC have said after three consecutive months of fuel prices dropping in the lead up to January, fuel prices can be expected to rise again.

According to the body, the supermarket offering the lowest petrol prices across the country in January were ASDA, with a litre of unleaded costing 144.61p (down to 2.5p) and diesel 166.09p (down 3.6p).

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, said: “Although January saw fuel prices fall for the third month in a row, there is now more cause for concern than celebration as petrol has already begun to creep back up very slightly.

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“Monthly reductions of 3p for petrol and 4p for diesel were welcome but sadly the first month of the year saw the wholesale price of petrol rise by 2p and diesel by 3p.

"Despite this, while unleaded has been overpriced for months due to the biggest retailers refusing to lower their prices in line with the lower wholesale price, diesel is still too expensive even after factoring in the slight wholesale uptick.

“Looking around the UK at the end of January we can see forecourt prices were generally cheaper in the North West, North East, Wales and Scotland, while Northern Ireland – for a number of reasons – remains an anomaly being 4p cheaper than the UK average.”