Two North East towns have been listed in the ‘top 50 worst places to live’ list for 2023.

The list is compiled by satirical website where the opinions of over 105,00 people were considered.

Voting took place from the end of 2022 into January 2023 and the results were finally revealed on Monday, February 6.

Sunderland made the list and placed number 27 with Middlesbrough just beating it and placing number 25.

The full list can be seen here where you can see how other towns across the country compared.

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The UK towns to make it into the top 10 worst places to live are Bradford at number 10, Bournemouth at number 9, Swindon at number 8, Andover at number 7, Aldershot at number 6, Aylesbury at number 5, Slough at number 4, Portsmouth at number 3 and Peterborough at number 2.

Luton is the UK town to take the crown for the worst place to live according to ILiveHere.

What did ILiveHere say about Middlesbrough and Sunderland?

The website usually publishes a small paragraph on why the town placed where it did.

The site talks of driving through Pennywell, where they witnessed a “woman on the street in a dressing gown screaming obscenities at a man covered in blood with a ripped long-sleeved shirt while she hits him with a broom.

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“I have seen grown men screeching up and down the road on motorcycles with no helmets on and toddlers sitting on the petrol tank. I have seen snotty-nosed kids with no shoes on. sitting on the pavement drinking lager and cider.”

For Middlesbrough, the site said once “you venture out at night you will see the real underbelly of the beast.”

It adds; “Middlesbrough is the last real place you want to come. Those who say it doesn’t deserve the reputation it has…obviously need to get out just a bit more.”