An overturned lorry has shut a major North East road in both directions, causing considerable rush hour delays for commuters today (February 10). 

One person, the lorry's driver, was involved in the collision. Initially, they were trapped in their vehicle's cabin, but have since been freed by emergency services. 

The person received medical attention from on-scene ambulances, but their medical status is still unknown. 

The road is currently closed in both directions between J51 (Leeming Bar) and J52 (Catterick), with traffic being released down the hard shoulder.

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Early this morning, a low loader vehicle carrying machinery, crossed over the carriageway and overturned, coming to rest on its side.

There has caused a significant amount of debris across both carriageways. 

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: "We received reports of an overturned lorry at 7.01 am. The vehicle had travelled through the central reservation of the A1(M) at junction 52

"One person was involved. Initially, they were trapped in their vehicle, but have since been freed by the fire service and are being treated. We are awaiting an update on their medical status."

A spokesperson for Richmondshire Fire Station said: "All persons have been accounted for. Both carriageways will be closed for some considerable amount of time."

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Currently, travellers due to use the A1(M) between Catterick and Leeming Bar are being advised to use the following diversion: 

  • Exit the A1(M) at the J51 and take the A6055. 
  • Continue for approximately six miles on the A6055.
  • Rejoin the A1(M) at J52.

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