A petition has been launched by residents of a North Yorkshire town to save a pharmacy in a Tesco after the store announced its closure.

Residents in Catterick have banded together after finding out the pharmacy in Tesco will be closed as of August 2023.

The petition aims to save the pharmacy and is currently sitting at 151 signatures out of 200.

The pharmacy is one of eight around the country being closed by Tesco as part of a restructuring exercise.

Hit delis and its counters will also be closed as the company said it is reducing the number of lead and team managers in large shops as part of the changes to its management structure, which will impact around 1,750 workers.

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Organiser of the petition Catherine Sayer, said: “This drastic change to the provision of our local service will impact on local people immensely!

The opening hours of Tesco pharmacy are much more flexible than that of the other pharmacy on the garrison.

“Tesco pharmacy opens at 6.30 and closes at 22.30 where as the other pharmacy operates 9.00-17.00 this making Tesco easier accessed by people who work or rely on people who work to collect there medications. “

“As well as the opening hours there is also convenience and physical accessibility. Tesco is much more user friendly in terms of parking.

“Tesco caterers for blue badge and child and parent parking and can also reduce the amount of times you are in and out of the car as you can collect your medications whilst doing the food shopping.”

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Tesco UK and ROI chief executive officer, Jason Tarry, said: “These are difficult decisions to make, but they are necessary to ensure we remain focused on delivering value for our customers wherever we can, as well as ensuring our store offer reflects what our customers value the most.

“Our priority is to support those colleagues impacted and help find alternative roles within our business from the vacancies and newly created roles we have available.”

You can sign the petition here