A podcast featuring 30 years of radio and media with North East radio great Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough has been unveiled.

The conversation featuring many memorable moments from Goffy’s three decades on air is part of the ‘Radio Greats’ series presented by radio host Luke Davies.

The podcast traces the story of Goffy’s first day on air at Century Radio for the much-talked about launch on September 1, 1994.

It includes the history-making opening Breakfast show link as John Morgan, real name John Myers, who was also the Managing Director of the station kicked off what would be the surprise success story of the regional station.

The Northern Echo: Goffy with his Century Radio boss John MyersGoffy with his Century Radio boss John Myers (Image: Goffy Media)

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Luke said: “Radio Greats has been a fabulous series to both produce and present. The big success of Century Radio and Goffy’s part in it across his ten years there proved to be a truly uplifting story. His rise in popularity was significant and the station became a huge part of the North East community.

“When it started out in 1994 many people in the radio industry gave it little hope as it was bedded down with a heavy speech base in its promise of performance that they agreed when the licence was awarded.

"It soon became clear that not being able to play as many records as rival stations in the area was not a problem as listeners tuned in for the mix of fun, warm chat and songs.”

The podcast also features a radio chat with Slade front man Noddy Holder in which he explains how the death of one of his all-time favourite singers in 1984 triggered him to pursue his own radio career, of which he made a success through being syndicated across many stations around the UK.

The career reflection also includes a Paul Gascoigne memorable moment, a chat with England Manager Gareth Southgate highlighting his favourite music and talking about North Yorkshire, where still lives.

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Meanwhile, England great, and Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer, traces the history of Goffy’s career and talks about his involvement with his shows and charity work away from the radio.

The podcast also highlights Goffy’s career at Metro Radio, TFM and BBC Radio Tees where he is set to complete ten years with the station.

One of the features he took to air ten years ago is ‘Ínspirations’ which has given listeners a platform to help others make a difference and to be highlighted on the show.

The feature has raised a huge amount of funds for worthy causes and through inspirational words and positive thoughts has inspired some special listener feedback messages across social media.

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Goffy commented: “I really enjoyed being part of the series and it was a great opportunity to highlight how the Century Radio brand was marketed and to remember some of the stories that listeners would not be aware of. Those things that happened behind the microphone to make the station such a huge success.

“People still stop and chat about the many wonderful presenters that were such a major part of the positive story. There was so much to talk about from the endless stories that have gone out on air and I hope people will gain something from the chat with Luke.

“Much of the story is set against the backdrop of opportunity, hard work and having belief in your own ability. The Century Radio part of the conversation is testimony to proving any doubters wrong as it succeeded against the many odds and obstacles that if faced.

“I have been fortunate to work with some great people along the journey including those at BBC Radio Tees, TFM and Metro Radio so there was plenty to highlight along the way.”

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