Reform UK leader Richard Tice was in Hartlepool on Tuesday (January 31) to open a new campaign office in the town.

Mr Tice, who stood as the then-Brexit-Party candidate in Hartlepool in 2019, plans to stand to be the town’s next MP whenever a general election is held.

The staunch-Brexiteer won an impressive 25.8% of the votes in the constituency in 2019, but Reform UK failed to replicate his performance in the 2021 by-election when John Prescott (not the former Labour Deputy Prime Minister) won just 1.2% of the vote share with only 368 ballots.

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Opening a new office on Stockton Road, Hartlepool on Tuesday, three years to the day since Britain left the EU, Mr Tice told The Northern Echo: “We are saying that Brexit was the right thing to do, it was the right opportunity for the country but the Tories have let everybody down – they have betrayed us all

The Northern Echo: Mr Tice is the Reform UK party's choice for parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool.Mr Tice is the Reform UK party's choice for parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

“They haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities, they haven’t controlled out borders.

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“Only Reform has a clear plan to stop the boats, and then we have the right plans to cut taxes for the lowest paid and that would put an extra £30 a week into the pockets of those working. To make Britain work we have to make work pay.

“We have bold plans on how we get to zero waiting lists and we want to use the energy treasure under our feet, it’s so incredibly valuable and it’s how we get cheaper energy bills and it’s the right thing to do.”

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Tice has also recently turned his hand to presenting on TV, appearing on new channel TalkTV and co-hosting with his partner Isabel Oakeshott.

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