Police have launched an online survey to find out how safe residents and businesses feel in a town centre after it's seen an increase in the number of bars and nightclubs.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe, in partnership with Whitby Town Council, have launched an online survey to see how people feel following the change in the town centre's makeup.

It comes as concerns were raised with Commissioner Metcalfe over police visibility in the town in relation to the number of licensed venues, leading to the consultation to get a wider range of views.

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Results from the survey will be used by the Commissioner’s Office, Whitby Town Council, North Yorkshire Police Licensing Department, Whitby Neighbourhood Policing Team, and Scarborough Borough Council to help them decide how licenses are granted in Whitby town centre, whilst also identifying other areas of public safety concern such as anti-social behaviour, road safety and theft.

Commissioner Zoë said: “I know that there are always going to be concerns in areas with a busier night-time economy but when communities are beginning to feel unsafe, we need to look at what can be done as a solution, and I am very pleased that Whitby Town Council want to be involved in this work for their residents.

“The survey will help us to gain a better understanding of public concerns, how safe they feel, their views on policing and what they think needs to change – an opportunity also for businesses operating at night, who may need support to improve safety for staff and customers.

“If you live or work in Whitby, please take a few minutes to complete the questions and help inform this work to ensure you are safe and feeling safe.”

Cllr Linda Wild, Whitby Town Council Mayor said: “We welcome and support the Commissioner’s survey and encourage the people of Whitby Town and surrounding areas to take the time to fill it out and provide their feedback.


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Like the Commissioner, we want to understand how local people are feeling about the growing nightlife in Whitby and any other public concerns affecting their safety.”

The online survey will run for four weeks, closing at midnight on Monday 27 February 2023. To complete the survey please visit: https://bit.ly/WhitbySafetySurvey