A lollipop lady outside a Darlington school has been the victim of some inconsiderate drivers who drove straight through her ‘stop’ sign.

Police Community Support Officer Becky Heseltine carrying out patrols outside Polam Hall School on Grange Road this week (Thursday, January 26), supporting the lollipop lady.

Unfortunately, there have been some reports of a few inconsiderate people driving straight through her stop sign when she has been in the road.

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PCSO Becky Heseltine said: “The reports are not that common although I think some go unreported because the priority for the crossing patrol is the safety of the children and it is difficult for them to write down a registration number while they are actively crossing children over. 

“My message to the drivers is slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. It is vital that you stop for a lollipop patrol when they have their sign up and are in the middle of the road. These errors could cost lives!

“I haven’t spoken to any parents about this issue, but they have concerns around the parking in the vicinity of the school in general which are also addressed when we carry out these patrols.

“It makes me feel sad that some drivers think it’s acceptable to do this.”

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Parents were quick to comment on the post in the community Facebook group, You Know You’re From Darlo When, about the issue.

Orla Sinead said: “She does an amazing job everyday in all weather, and always with a smile. We are very thankful to have such a fantastic lollipop lady outside Polam Hall.”

Olumo Foods said: “The lollipop lady is amazing and the PCSO Becky was full of smiles today. Thanks for the great work you do in our community.”

Helen Jemmett said: “Becky is one of the nicest approachable PCSOs in the Darlington area! She does great work with the college students too.”

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