A County Durham man has had his family's life changed after his appearance on a British reality show got him a job with a wealthy North Yorkshire developer.

Property developer, Steven Green, 45, who appeared on Channel 5 programme, Rich House Poor House in 2019, has revealed he has since offered a job to the man he swapped lives with on the show.

Ben Gowland-Jeffries, who could only eat one meal a day while providing for his family, has now taken a £50,000 a year job as a sales and marketing executive in Steven's professional training business.

Formerly on a zero-hour contract as a roofer, Mr Gowland-Jeffries along wife Demi, and their daughter Lillie, had just £57-a-week to cover food, clothes and emergencies before he took Mr Green's offer.

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The Northern Echo:

Since gaining the new role, the family have moved into a bigger house, while Ben has bought a new motorbike and is taking driving lessons, and his wife has set up a beauty business.

Speaking on their time on the show and how the family's lives have changed, Mr Green told The Sun: "Demi's mum initially told us and then one of Ben's friends in the pub told us that Ben used to only eat one meal a day in order to be able to give Lillie what she needed."

"It took me and Gemma back to our harder times when we particularly struggled.

"It was really weird. I really felt like I knew these people even though I'd never met them."

"We're really close with Ben and Demi now, he's getting on really well.

"He's bought a new motorbike and is doing his driving lessons at the minute, Demi's set up her own beauty business and they've actually moved into a bigger house and have now got another child."

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When speaking on his motivation to help the family and what drives him, Mr Green recalled his early life, struggles, and time spent in the army.

The Northern Echo:

The veteran said he did not come from a privileged family and experienced success after going on a coaching course in the army.

"I came from a broken family and it was a bit tough," the successful businessman explains. "We didn't have a lot of money," he added

"I ended up going into the army because I couldn't really see myself progressing anywhere and I started to get into a bit of bother.

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"I was pretty fit as a soldier and one of our bosses came in and said there was a coaching course available if anyone wanted to do it because the guy that was meant to go on it was injured.

"I ended up going on it by chance and that really changed my life because it was all about coaching and mindset, having a clear vision and knowing what you want in life."

Mr Green has since set up successful property, mindset and coaching firms.