Darlington’s Holocaust Memorial Ceremony is taking place next week to remember one of Europe’s most harrowing historical events.

The memorial is being organised by Cllr. Gerald Lee at St Aidan’s Academy on Hundens Lane on Friday, January 27 at 7pm.

The important event reminds us of the atrocity that occurred during the Second World War and Mr Lee has drawn a comparison between the horrors of war back then, and the current political situation in Ukraine.

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Cllr Gerald Lee said: “The Holocaust gives us the opportunity to remember that the 6 million people who were mercilessly killed by the Nazis were people - they lived, they worked they shared the same joys, the same pride in their children, and the same sadness at the time of loss.

“To condemn these appalling acts of brutality to history books and academic learning where students would reduce the crimes to dates and numbers is an insult to those who were persecuted and to their families who remember. We must remember by remembering to try to ensure that such atrocities do not happen again.

“This years Holocaust Ceremony will be led by the Rt Rev Sarah Clark, Bishop of Jarrow and supported by students from our Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College four of whom visited Auschwitz in November.

“This year's theme is 'Ordinary People' which reflects on the victims over the years, those extraordinary people who risked everything to save others and those other 'ordinary' people who helped and supported the oppressors. The Presentation will include four of our students looking forward with Hope despite, the world’s economic difficulties and despite the war in Ukraine.”

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