People in select areas of the UK are expected to get between £50 and £200 payments paid to them later this year that will help them with the cost of living crisis. 

Residents that currently receive Council Tax Reduction, due to low income, could get the payments if they live in certain areas, such as Redcar and Cleveland, Durham, Gateshead, and parts of the wider UK.

The £50-£200 payments are part of a scheme from the Department for Work and Pensions – administered through local councils.

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The money is coming from the Government’s Household Support Fund and is to support residents with the cost of living crisis.

If there are children in the household, there will be an additional payment of £20 for every eligible child. 

While the first lot of payments dropped into people's bank accounts back on December 9, the DWP has confirmed that eligible claims made after December 12, 2022, will be paid on March 25, 2023.  

The fund should be used to support households in the most need; particularly those who may not be eligible for the other support that the government has recently made available but who are nevertheless in need.

It's worth reiterating that residents do not need to apply for these payments.

If you currently pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, payment will be made into the same bank account by March 25.

If you don’t pay by Direct Debit, you will be sent a voucher that you can exchange at the Post Office for cash.

Check with your local council to see if they are supporting the scheme.

The payment is a discretionary payment being made by some, but not all councils.

This funding covers the period 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023.

In the North East, councils have released information on the council tax payments, including Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. 

For those living in the catchment area, if you are a householder and receive Council Tax Support you will be entitled to a payment.

However, people may still be entitled to discretionary assistance if they have a low household income and you are in a credit deficit.

If you are receiving Council Tax Support you will get a one-off set rate payment of £50-£65 if you are a household without children.

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If you have a dependent child in your household for whom you are responsible you will receive £100.

If you are entitled to discretionary assistance the amount that you will receive will be between £50-£200 depending on your financial circumstances.

Other councils in the North East, such as Durham, Darlington, and Newcastle have their own payment systems, and the level of payment may differ in council area.