A large bird resembling a swan or goose has made himself comfortable on a North East A-Road, according to reports on social media.

A Facebook post in the Facebook group, Incidents on Teesside and County Durham alerted members to the bizarre news.

The post read: “There is a large white bird - either a swan or a goose - at the side of the westbound carriageway of the A174, just after Coulby Newham. Police are in attendance.”

Unsurprisingly, people did not know what to make of this confusing situation, with many finding it baffling and hilarious.

Aaron Lewis Sargeant said: “Nice Swan mate”

Avril Barnaby said: “he must have went (sic) for a gander”

Stewart Hudson said: “Tell it to Swan off..”

The Northern Echo has approached Cleveland Police for comment.

More as we have it.

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