A North East location got a bizarre mention on BBC Radio 2 on Friday (January 6) afternoon after it was cited for a famed delicacy - and it's not a parmo.

During the usual chat in between songs on the 'All Request Friday' show, radio DJ OJ Borg, who was filling in for Sara Cox, gave a shout out to the area - before discussing the 'unconventional' food type with his fellow presenters. 

So what is this food type that the presenter turned his nose up at?

Within the show, the conversation turned to pizza toppings, and what different regions tend to have on their pizzas. After talking about the 'usual suspects' of margarita and pepperoni, OJ Borg mentioned that one of the producers of the radio show was from Stockton. 

It was now Stockton's time to shine - as soon as the radio presenter mentioned a London Pizza, a flurry of curious listeners wanted to know more about the dish. 

With some suggesting that the London pizza would be 'classy' and have olives, balsamic vinegar, and other fancy toppings, OJ Borg finally gave everyone the answer. 

He said: "A lot of people have got in touch and mentioned that the London pizza might be classy - but I can reveal that it's actually a margarita pizza with chips on the top and garlic mayo poured over the top."

The presenter then assured listeners that a lot of takeaways in the North East served the London Pizza - but the idea of the delicacy divided listeners.

While some tried it and strongly recommended it, some listeners messaged in to say the pizza sounded "absolutly awful".

What do you think about the London Pizza?