A pub has apologised after several customers left without eating on Christmas Day - despite paying over £50 a head for their meal. 

The Holly Hill Inn in Richmond was fully booked for Christmas dinner - with families from the area excited about going to the venue for their festivities. 

However, several customers have taken to social media to complain after leaving without getting fed due to the long wait.

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One diner said that when they arrived, other customers were already leaving without eating.

They said: “We waited two and half hours with four kids.

“Not one member of staff acknowledged us and when we tried asking how long it would be before we got seated they still didn’t know.

“They had clearly overbooked and really poor management.”

Comments on the pub’s Facebook page that have since been deleted said the pub ran out of food, with customers getting a jacket potato for their dinner and people still waiting for dessert at 7.30pm at night.

Another customer said they managed to get their deposit back - but their Christmas was still 'ruined'.

They added: “We did get our deposit back by a woman that didn’t even work there.

“Luckily a friend came to the rescue with all his leftover Christmas dinner and brought it round.”

In a statement issued today on social media, landlord Chris said he had been unwell on Christmas Day.

He said: “I know I should have posted before but now I’m feeling better and having discussions on what we can offer customers over what happened on Christmas day.

“I would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly apologise for what ended up as a disaster and a lot of upset.

“It started off well but due to a few things some of which were our fault and some that were out of our hands, it just snowballed downhill.

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“It didn’t help with me being ill and being doubled over in pain in the kitchen trying to sort things out but that isn’t an excuse.

“I was just as bitterly disappointed as all you were, after discussions with what we can offer, the head office would like you to email me your complaints and decide what we can offer in resolution.”

Customers can send their complaints by email to 6025.HollyHill@trustinns.co.uk