BBC's new drama, Marie Antoinette follows the story of one of the most fascinating monarchs from France. 

At the age of just 14, Marie Antoinette has a lot resting on her shoulders when she is forced to leave Vienna to marry the Dauphin of France, Louis XVI. 

Moving to Versailles, Marie must learn the politics of court and shed her naivety.

In the midst of learning her place and duty, she first must produce an heir to secure an alliance between France and Austria. 

But things become difficult as Marie's husband Louis XVI is an awkward teenager himself, seeing the young Dauphine look for advice from the King's mistress. 

Marie Antoinette is written and created by Deborah Davis, Oscar-winning writer of The Favourite known for her modern take on period dramas. 

BBC Marie Antoinette full cast list: 

  • Marie-Antoinette: Emilia Schüle
  • Louis XVI: Louis Cunningham
  • Provence: Jack Archer
  • Lamballe: Jasmine Blackborow
  • Louis XV: James Purefoy
  • Marie-Thérèse d'Autriche: Marthe Keller
  • Madame du Barry: Gaia Weiss
  • Adelaïde: Crystal Shepherd-Cross
  • Victoire: Caroline Piette
  • Chartres: Oscar Lesage
  • Mercy: Nathan Willcocks
  • Madame de Noailles: Laura Benson
  • Duc de Choiseul: Gérard Watkins

How to watch BBC Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette will be shown on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Thursday, December 29. 

Altogether there will be eight episodes each airing at the same time every Thursday for eight weeks.