A concerned resident has asked parents to speak with their children after sharing a photo of schoolchildren playing on a frozen Darlington pond.

Simon English shared a photo of teenagers playing on the frozen-over Brinkburn Pond on social media on Tuesday (December 13) less than 24 hours after an incident in Solihull which claimed three boys' lives.

In the post, he urged parents to speak with their children to prevent any further tragedies.

The schoolchildren, who were pictured in their uniforms, have had their school contacted by Mr English who was told police will be spoken to.

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Mr English said: "Despite the tragic news over the last 24 hours, these kids think it's ok to play on a frozen pond.

"Please, if these are your kids have a word with them about the potential accident waiting to happen."

He told The Northern Echo his goal in sharing the photo was to "raise awareness" about water safety issues and the danger these actions have.

Mr English said he did not take the photo, and instead had been given it by a friend who wished to remain anonymous.

He said people have mistaken his post as criticising parents, and this was not his intent, rather he hopes parents speak with their children to help prevent future incidents.

Other residents also expressed their shock and concern over the teenagers' actions.

One said: "They are ignoring the danger until something goes wrong."

Another said: "At that age, they think they’re indestructible. If they’re your kids, have a word before another tragedy happens."

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Meanwhile, Durham Police have warned people to stay away from frozen bodies of water in order to prevent a further tragedy.

This comes after a tragic accident in Solihull which resulted in the deaths of three boys, leaving another in a critical condition.

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Darlington Borough Council have also issued warnings to residents to avoid frozen ponds and other bodies of water as temperatures remain below freezing.

Councillor Mike Renton, cabinet member for stronger communities, said: "The tragic events near Solihull serve as a reminder to us all of the dangers of frozen water.

"We would urge everyone to follow the advice given by police and fire services to stay clear of frozen ponds and other stretches of open water."

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