A puppy with an untreated skin condition which made it bald has been transformed after RSPCA care and will soon be available for adoption.

Pearl, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was four months-old when she was rescued by the RSPCA after a concerned member of the public had raised concerns over her welfare.

When officers from the animal charity attended the property in April, Inspector Rowena Proctor saw Pearl poking her head through the door and could seethat she was bald and very underweight. 

The Northern Echo: Pearl after being rescued.Pearl after being rescued. (Image: RSPCA)

The owners agreed to let Pearl be taken for emergency veterinary treatment, where a vet found that she was severely underweight and was suffering from a skin disease that had caused the loss of her fur as well as a constant irritation.

After just two weeks on a special diet and medication the puppy was on the road to recovery at the RSPCA's Felledge Animal Centre in Chester-le-Street.

Having re-grown her fur and put on weight, Pearl has a clean bill of health and will soon be looking for her forever home.

This year, the RSPCA has seen a rise of 13% in neglect incidents being dealt with by its teams, and is using stories like Pearl's as part of their Christmas appeal to call for donations in order to continue their work rescuing neglected pets.

The animal charity has also launched a helpline and created an online hub for pet owners who are concerned about looking after their animals during the cost of living crisis.

Rowena said: “The transformation Pearl has undergone is absolutely amazing. She looked more like a seal than a puppy when I rescued her - now she looks just how you would expect and is so healthy and happy. 

The Northern Echo: Pearl (right) with her friend Coco (who has since been adopted) at RSPCA Felledge.Pearl (right) with her friend Coco (who has since been adopted) at RSPCA Felledge. (Image: RSPCA)

“She is full of energy and life and is very excitable and also very loving too. She will be available for rehoming with Felledge soon once she has finished her medication and has had a little bit more training. 

“I am so thrilled to see how she now looks thanks to the dedicated staff at the RSPCA centre.

“But sadly calls to the RSPCA about neglect like this case have risen as the cost of living crisis bites and with more people struggling, we expect more animals will be neglected and abandoned by owners who can no longer afford to care for them.

“This is why we have launched our Winter appeal to help raise funds so we can keep rescuing and rehoming pets in need like Pearl - and we are urging the public to support us.”

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