A pair of five-year-old "miracle twins" have embarked on a fundraising mission to help the hospital that saved their lives. 

Albie and Oakley Adams, of Acklam, were born 10 weeks premature with a rare condition that meant that they shared a single placenta. 

The twins were rushed to The James Cook University Hospital's neonatal unit, where they stayed for two months. 

During this difficult period, the twins' parents, Emily and Jonathan, moved into the hospital's temporary housing whilst their sons received treatment - at times, their recovery hit bumps in the road, such as Albie developing jaundice. 

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But five years on, the "healthy and happy" twins have climbed Roseberry Topping, one of North Yorks Moors' most well-known peaks, to raise money for the very same hospital unit that nursed them. 

Their mum, Emily, said: "It is a journey on the neonatal unit, luckily ours was positive. It is challenging when you’ve just had a baby and you can’t hold them and do all the normal things like take them home, they do wonders in the unit."

The family has been considering raising money for the neonatal unit for a while, but Emily said they "wanted to wait until the boys understood the reason behind the fundraising."

The Northern Echo: Oakley and Albie Adams with their parents along with neonatal staff.Oakley and Albie Adams with their parents along with neonatal staff. (Image: South Tees Hospitals)

To say thank you to James Cook’s neonatal nurses, the twins and their family wanted to help others going through a similar experience. 

Walking the 1,049 didn't phase the brothers, who completed the sponsored hike in just over an hour. 

"We got a bit lost and ended up going a long way round. It was raining, it was foggy, but they took it all in their stride, and they did well."

The twins revisited the neonatal unit to present the team with a large cheque. 

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Emily said: "It’s been emotional coming back and raising money because the boys wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the neonatal unit."

Ward manager Vicky Ford thanked the boys, their parents and their friends and family who sponsored the Roseberry Topping climb.

She added: "It was lovely to see the boys when they visited to make this generous donation. They looked healthy and happy and have recently started full-time school and now have a new baby brother too."

Ben Murphy, the head of Our Hospitals Charity, explained that the £1,100 Albie and Oakley will help babies and families that come through the neonatal unit's doors, making their experience "the best it possibly can be."

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