A Darlington working men's club which is more than a century old will open its doors to provide a safe space for disadvantaged people on Christmas Day.

The East End Working Men's Club (EEWMC), on Parkgate, will open its doors to anyone who needs it this Christmas Day, providing free hot drinks, food and blankets.

The venue has invited homeless people and anyone who is struggling to come in for help, as well as a Christmas gift.

The club will be open to those needing help from 9am to 11am, and the manager of the social hub, Paul Gill, from Darlington, has said people can stay for longer if they wish.

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The Northern Echo:

Speaking on the event, the 57-year-old believes it is important to support the disadvantaged as the cost of living crisis continues and the cold weather hits.

He said: "We have noticed a lot of people around the church living rough in this cold weather.

"It's just nice for our members to help anybody [who is] homeless, or who can't afford food, we're just trying to do our little bit for Christmas spirit.

"Everybody's having hard times at this time. Unfortunately, people haven't got the money now with the way life is."

Yesterday was absolutely freezing, you do feel sorry for them being outside.

"Hopefully, we'll have some coats, blankets, clothes, and anything to keep them warm over the winter.

He said the club's members are all "really up for it" and some have donated clothes, blankets, and other items to help those struggling.

He said one member will be preparing bacon rolls on the day, and they will also be receiving help from the travelling community.

Adding to this, he said anyone looking to donate to the cause can drop off donations at the club at 5pm on weekdays and any time on weekends.

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The Northern Echo:

Speaking on the event, Peter Miller, 46, radio presenter for Nova Radio, said Mr Gill, the EEWMC committee, and himself will be there to help those who are struggling on Christmas morning.

Miller, who is also known under their drag performer name Ms Annbag, said the club is looking to provide a safe and warm environment to people who might not have one.

Mr Miller said: "I think it's very important as a community to come together and help each other.

"People [can go] along, get in the warmth, have a hot drink, some food, [and] get a present of Mr and Mrs Claus.

"Everybody is welcome to come along and help on the morning, and any donations are welcome."

The East End Club has been operating since 1914 and moved onto Parkgate earlier this year, and will be open to the public from 11am to 2pm on December 25.

Speaking on those who supported the effort, Mr Gill said: "We would just like to say a big thank you to anyone who can donate or help us that morning.

"It will be well appreciated."

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