The candidate hoping to turn Darlington red at the next general election has been revealed. 

Lola McEvoy has been selected as the Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate for the town after being chosen by local Labour members at a selection meeting on Thursday, where she was up against three others on the shortlist.

Lola is a GMB union key worker organiser and a champion of Darlington.

Speaking after her selection, she said: “A massive thank you to the local members for selecting me as the Labour candidate for Darlington. 

“Darlington is my home town and it's a privilege to be chosen as Labour's candidate. 
“I'm humbled to have the backing of so many of our grassroots local members. Labour's path to Downing Street runs straight down North Road where I grew up. 

“Many of us are facing a tough winter and year ahead, and the people of our town are ready for a change. When the general election comes, Labour is ready to step up for Darlington.”

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