Netflix's hit drama based around the British monarchy under the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II hits our screens today

The long-awaited 5th season of The Crown covers Britain in the 90s and depicts the marriage and divorce of then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The series will dramatise Diana, Princess of Wales’ infamous Panorama interview in a segment lasting four minutes, 23 seconds.

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An inquiry last year found the BBC covered up “deceitful behaviour” used by journalist Martin Bashir to secure his headline-making world exclusive.

A spokeswoman for Netflix said: “Season five of The Crown will dramatise events surrounding the Panorama interview, given the pivotal part it played during the time period the series covers.

“It will reflect what we now know about how the interview was obtained and how Diana was treated.

“The interview is not recreated in full.”

Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir

Prince William speaks out about Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir

Following the inquiry, the BBC wrote to the royal family to apologise for the circumstances surrounding the interview – in which Diana said: “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”, a reference to Camilla Parker Bowles – who Charles later married.

In 2021, Prince William issued a statement criticising the BBC for its failings around his mother’s Panorama interview in which he says exacerbated her “fear, paranoia and isolation”.

William said he was left with “indescribable sadness” to know the corporation’s shortcomings had “contributed significantly” to Diana, Princess of Wales’ state of mind in the final years of her life.

“She was failed not just by a rogue reporter, but by leaders at the BBC who looked the other way rather than asking the tough questions,” he said.

The Duke of Sussex in a separate statement said about his mother: “The ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately took her life.”