Facebook users on a Mrs Hinch group have praised this new and affordable way of getting rid of condensation from windows amid the cost of living crisis.

Users on the page were looking for ways to cheaply and reliably deal with damp affecting windows in their homes.

Damp and condensation can quickly become a very serious problem, developing into mould which can damage structures and cause health issues for residents if they are in prolonged proximity to the affected area.

Dealing with household dampness can sometimes be costly and difficult to do but one user on a Mrs. Hinch Facebook page suggested one genius way of dealing with the problem.

Cheap way to prevent window dampness according to Facebook users

The Northern Echo: Canva - Great way to deal with window damp according to Facebook usersCanva - Great way to deal with window damp according to Facebook users (Image: Canva)

In the online cleaning and homecare forum, one user asked for recommendations for dehumidifiers to stop mould from growing in the spare room they use to dry their clothes.

According to The Mirror, they said that they refused to turn the heating on to dry the clothes amid huge price rises on the cost of fuel.

She said: "Due to the obvious rise in costs, I am wondering if the pictured dehumidifiers are effective or if I’m better off getting an electric one."

Accompanying her query was a picture of the dehumidifier which uses crystals to absorb moisture, helping to stop household dampness and mould.

Users praised this inventive way of dehumidifying a room with one user saying: "I put them next to my clothes when they dry and they are fab. Last a good few weeks as well and helps loads. Also got them in the windows as hate condensation on them."

While another added: "These are fine for small spaces, I’ve used them in cupboards with success.

"I’ve recently bought a dehumidifier with laundry function though and it’s been a game changer."

How to get crystal-based dehumidifiers for just £1.49

A pack of four of these dehumidifiers can be bought on Amazon and will only set you back £6.99 while you can also purchase these at B&Ms for just £1.49 each.

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