The final flight date that passengers will be able to use Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) has been set after a workers’ union has called the venue closure ‘thoughtless’.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the airport would start to wind down its operations – as hundreds of workers are set to be left jobless.

Despite the final flight departing from Doncaster Sheffield Airport happening on Sunday (October 30), it was announced that the final flight arriving in Doncaster Sheffield Airport will be Saturday (November 5).

Doncaster Sheffield's terminal and associated infrastructure will remain available for passenger services until 7am that day, after which no further passenger activities will take place, the owners have said.

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The final TUI inbound flight will take place on November 4 at 9.15pm, with the final commercial flight leaving for Manchester at 00.15am on November 5.

Despite Doncaster Sheffield topping the Which? survey of best airports four years running and the offer of public cash to keep it open, the airport’s owners the Peel Group appears “determined to close the transport hub,” according to the GMB Union.

Sarah Barnes, GMB Organiser, said: “Doncaster is one of the finest airports in the country. Workers love it, passengers love it and it’s vital for the south Yorkshire economy.

“Yet despite public cash being made available to keep it open, the Peel Group seem determined to close it, knock it down for housing and make as much money as possible, with no thought for the community.

“When the final flight leaves on Bonfire Night, hundreds if not thousands of people will see their future go up in smoke. 

“GMB members are furious, the people of South Yorkshire can’t allow it to happen.”

In response, a Peel Group spokeswoman added: “DSA has begun a process of winding down the provision of aviation services and facilitating an orderly managed closure in close consultation with the regulatory bodies and in full compliance with our responsibilities.

"Peel Group has met with every party that the local authority has made an introduction to who have been willing to meet.

"Despite this, no credible proposal regarding the ownership of or addressing the lack of financial viability of DSA has yet been provided. In addition, DSA has received no approaches from any new airline to operate from the airport.”

She added: “Throughout DSA's operation, no airline has ever been turned away and, in fact, significant financial incentivisation has been paid to those new airlines that have commenced operations from the airport.”

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