CCTV of a group of people who decided to ‘dine and dash’ has been circulated by a North East pub after the venue has been left out of pocket when the group of six reportedly decided to not settle their bill.

The Sutton Arms in Faceby, just outside Stokesley, shared the footage over the weekend in an attempt to track down the customers who dined on steak and lobster before fleeing out of the back door.

The owners have since threatened to go to the police if they do not come forward and pay the £273.40 owed.

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The CCTV shows six people leaving the premises separately - some running - via the back door into the car park.

First seen in the footage is a woman who exits the pub before pacing around the car park while on the phone. She is then joined by two men and the trio dash around the corner behind a wooden fence.

Two more people - a man and a woman - can then be seen rushing out of the back door.

A final woman is then seen running from the pub.

During their meal, the group of six ordered the most expensive things on the menu - three going for the £24 fillet steak, while the other three enjoyed steak with half a lobster at £32 a head.

They also racked up a £70 bar tab.

In their initial statement, the pub said: “Please could the table of six come back to pay their bill after you left last night without paying.

“I'm guessing there must of been a bit of confusion when leaving thinking another member of party had already paid the bill! We have tried to message you on social media but had no reply!

“Please could you pay the bill this evening or even post the money through the letter box!

“Otherwise, we will have to share the CCTV footage with the police and on social media

“We are a small family-run pub trying out hardest in these tough times for hospitality, Mistakes happen so hopefully this can be sorted before we have to take it further.”

After that didn’t work, the pub turned to the CCTV route by adding to social media: "It's come to our attention that other people with the same surname are getting the blame for this which is very unfair.

“Below is the footage of the party leaving, the rest of the CCTV and stills will be passed onto the police Monday if payment has still not been received!

"As we've said maybe a genuine mistake, some of the party went to the toilets then one of the party seemed to get a very important phone call she ran outside to take maybe forgetting to come back and pay! Hopefully, this matter will be resolved and I'm sorry to other people with the same name who are being accused!

"Thanks, everyone for all the messages of support and help, very much appreciated.”

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