Towards the end of 2021 Neil and Melodie Watson were thinking it was time for something new. Then the arrival of grandchild Freddie prompted a rethink.

The married couple from Hexham have now embarked on a shared career journey and together, have launched their new education business, Tutor Doctor.

Designed to help children grow in confidence and ability, the couple’s in-home and online tutoring business covers Newcastle and the surrounding areas including Whitley Bay, Gosforth, Ponteland and out to Hexham.

With 25 years’ experience as Managing Director of manufacturing companies, Neil decided it was time to apply his business skills to giving back to his community.

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Melodie brings with her 22 years of experience in education, working in high schools within pastoral departments and is well aware of the demands on students’ mental health, school pressures and peer pressures as well as their education.

“As a Student Welfare Manager, I’m attuned to the stresses and struggles that students feel,” explained Melodie.

“There are huge benefits for a local personalised tutoring company to provide extra support to local students with their school curriculum. The education we provide with Tutor Doctor will improve young people’s confidence, ability and importantly, their results.

As a true family-run franchise business, Neil and Melodie’s passion for improving the lives of students and families in the community runs deep, with the Hexham-based pair seeing the ongoing struggle students are experiencing as they recover and catch up on the learning lost from the pandemic.

“As passionate members of the community, we are committed to do our part and help students rediscover their love for learning,” said Melodie. “There are huge benefits to personalised tutoring companies intervening and contributing to help students find the spark that they may have lost over the last few years.

"Some of our tutors have had personal experience of being privately tutored during their own education, which helped them achieve their academic potential, so fully understand the benefits it offers. Our longer-term plan is to become the go-to tutoring company in the area. As for now, our priority is to become a trusted and established education provider for families.”

“Students today have so much potential academically, and we’re so proud to have this opportunity to nurture it,” said Neil.

“We fully understand the responsibility we’re undertaking and are excited to get started. With our personalised approach to every step of the process, we know so many students will reap the benefits of learning and developing in the safe space that we offer. The demand for services such as ours is present in the whole region, and we know that we’re well equipped to reach any family that knocks on our door.”

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