With Halloween just around the corner, people across the North East are decking their houses with spooky decorations designed to frighten and amuse. 

We have collated a list of some of your favourite trimmed-up houses - are any of them on your street? Check this list to find out!

Alnwick's Halloween House, Northumberland

A popular stop for all those wanting a fright (and a show!), the Alnwick Halloween house is decorated by Charlotte Watson and her family every year to raise money for charity. 

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Having built up their collection of decorations over the years, the family's house has become well known for its "spooktacular Halloween display."

This year, visitors to the annual attraction have praised the effort put into the display, saying: "The kids have absolutely loved it - it must be a hell of a lot of work to create."

All proceeds raised by the Alnwick Halloween house will go towards Chameleon Buddies, a charity supporting women with a stoma or childbirth injuries across the UK and Kenya. The Northern Echo: 12 foot skeletons flank the house. Picture: Charlotte Watson12 foot skeletons flank the house. Picture: Charlotte Watson (Image: Charlotte Watson)The Northern Echo: Picture: Charlotte Watson Picture: Charlotte Watson (Image: Charlotte Watson)


Hundens Lane, Darlington 

Many have also praised the decorations that residents have put up along Hundens Lane in Darlington, which has established itself as a favourite for Halloween-lovers over the last few years - meaning it is worth a visit! 

Oakfields, Hunwick

A phenomenal light show, put on by a house on Oakfields in Hunwick, near Crook, has wowed trick-or-treaters. 

Visitors have been awed by the bright lights, synchronised storytelling, and spooky music, making it a must-visit for all in the area. 

Across social media, people have been loving the festive light show, though many quipped that they "[did not] fancy the house's electricity bill!"

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Stewarts Building, Hunwick

People were also keen to recommend another Hunwick location - the Stewarts Building area. Homes g=have been decked out in spooky decorations - including a lifesize Pennywise clown!

You can be guaranteed a scare visiting this property when trick-or-treating!

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