As the crypto market moves to a recovery level, you probably are looking to recalibrate your crypto portfolio or set up a new one altogether. But with over 22,000 crypto coins, how do you find the best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in 2023? How do you identify the top cryptocurrencies worth investing today?

Our analysts sought to answer these questions to help you make the right investment decision by analysing the market and coming up with a list of crypto must-buys for 2023. It brings together established coins with a proven track record of resilience and positive roi, some excellent long-term investments, and some grossly undervalued currencies. They also throw in a couple of tokens to invest in before the next bull market.

Read on to discover these tokens, learn where to buy them, and how to invest in them.

Top 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023

Here is an outline of what our experts consider the best crypto coins to invest in 2023. They are highly potent and are expected to post incredible gains in the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin (btc) 

Solana (sol) 

Ethereum (eth)

Apecoin (ape) 

Shiba inu (shib)

Uniswap (uni) 

Decentraland (mana) 

Binance coin (bnb)

Polygon (matic) 

Cardano (ada) 

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Below, we discuss the top 10 cryptos in detail. We look at how they have performed in the past and their estimated future price performance. We also help you understand why you, too, need to add them to your list of best cryptocurrencies to buy today.

A detailed look at the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2023

When coming up with this list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023, we considered such factors as their past price action. We also analysed their underlying blockchain technology’s relevance and examined their projected future price action and factors expected to drive this price performance.

For each crypto, we also tell you how much it could likely earn in the future if you add it to your profile today.

Bitcoin (btc) 

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that we have bitcoin topping our list of recommendations for the best cryptocurrency to invest in today. And there are good reasons for this. For starters, we consider it the best crypto to invest in today because it has performed exemplary in the past, rallying by more than 100000 per cent in the last decade.

Secondly, it has the backing of one of the most decentralised and useful blockchain technologies - whose adoption rate is bound to shoot through the roof in over the next few years. We also believe it to be a valuable addition to any future-focused crypto portfolio because we expect it to post monumental price gains over the next few years.

By the turn of the decade, for example, we expect btc’s price to have rallied by more than 5000 per cent to reach $1 million. And if this comes true, any bitcoin investment you make today will grow by a similar margin. Lastly, we consider it worth buying because it is easily accessible and massively liquid – having been listed by virtually all crypto exchanges and trading platforms around.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Solana (sol) 

Solana is the fastest-growing smart contract platform out there today. At its peak in November, its sol token prices had appreciated by more than 130000 per cent - having been around for slightly over one year. Today, however, its token prices have tanked in reaction to the ongoing crypto market contraction.

But the growth of the solana ecosystem doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. At the time of writing, for instance, the network has integrated such emerging crypto technologies as metaverse, defi, dapps, web3, dexs, nfts, and even meme coins.

It has also become the launchpad for massively popular and successful crypto technologies like the pioneer move-to-earn platform stepn, the samoyedcoin meme currency, and the star atlas metaverse. It has also scored 1000+ active developers who have launched 350+ crypto projects on the platform. The solana ecosystem is preferred because of its user-friendliness and scalability. And moving forward, we expect to see more developments and integrations that push up sol token prices.

Why add it to your list of top cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023? Because it is a resilient crypto asset with a massively potent future. It has performed exemplarily well in the past, is easily accessible, and is massively liquid. Importantly, we expect it to rebound and rally by as much as 10,000 per before the turn of the decade, eventually breaking above $4000.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Ethereum (eth) 

Ethereum is indeed one of the most potential crypto assets to buy and hold. A lot of the developments taking place in the ethereum ecosystem are aimed at making it the most useful blockchain network. And this, our analysts believe, makes eth one of the most promising crypto coins. The most significant has to be the recently concluded ethereum merge that seeks to make the platform more efficient, secure, and scalable by improving transaction processing speeds.

We must, however, observe that even before the merge, the eth token was one of the most in-demand cryptos. And this can be explained by the fact that ethereum has positioned itself as the incubation hub and home for all the most popular emerging crypto technologies. From meme coins to metaverse, defi, dapps, web3, nfts, and even dexs – they were all birthed on the platform.

Moving forward and with improved transaction processing speeds, we expect to see even more eth technologies launch and find a home in the ethereum ecosystem. These are bound to increase the demand for eth tokens, which will most likely send their prices to unprecedented heights. If you bought eth today, for instance, we estimate that this investment will most likely grow by as much as 8000 per cent when the eth price breaks above $100,000.

But this isn’t the only reason why we consider eth the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023. Others include the fact that it has proven its resilience and sustainability by surviving multiple market crashes and rallying by more than 500000 per cent since launch. and like bitcoin, ethereum, too, is easily accessible and deeply liquid.

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Apecoin (ape) 

Launched in March 2022, apecoin is the newest crypto on our list of the top cryptocurrency to invest in today. And one of the reasons why we feature it here includes its resilience. Launched in the midst of a contracting crypto market, apecoin posted an incredible performance that saw it set an all-time high of $39.

Much of this can be attributed to its close association with two of the most popular nft projects, i.e., bayc and mayc. Not forgetting the oversubscription to the coin and nfts by celebrities and crypto influencers who will stop at nothing to keep the ape coin trending and its price on an uptrend.

But, we also list it here because we believe that it has a highly promising future, especially when you consider the level of development taking place in the ape ecosystem. For starters, apecoin launched a metaverse - otherside - that we believe isn’t priced in yet. Additionally, apecoin developers have already hinted at the possible launch of an apecoin mainnet.

These developments and ape’s massive popularity are expected to have a tremendous effect on the meme coin’s future price action. It, for instance, is expected to rally past $300 by the turn of the decade, possibly growing your current investment by as much as 10000 per cent.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Shiba inu (shib) 

Shiba inu is one of the most popular and valuable meme currencies in the cryptoverse. Launched in late 2020 and dubbed the ultimate ‘dogecoin-killer,’ shiba inu shot to prominence during the early 2021 crypto market rally when its price appreciated by more than 5 million per cent.

Of course, we do not expect it to post a similar price action soon - or ever. But since much of its price action is driven by hype and crypto market performance, we consider it the best crypto coin to buy during the current dip before the next crypto market rally.

We also feature it here because its developers have taken significant steps towards proving shiba inu’s sustainability. For starters, they have embarked on an enrichment program for the shib ecosystem. They have established a token launchpad, the shibaswap dex, and committed to increasing the burn rate for shiba inu tokens.

Given its erratic price action, however, it is hard to tell what shib will be worth next month or over the next few years. Our analysis, and that of the larger crypto community, nevertheless indicates that shib token prices will sustain an uptrend.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Uniswap (uni) – best decentralised cryptocurrency to invest in long term

Uniswap is the largest decentralised exchange and one of the best cryptos to invest in for the long term. It makes it to our list of best crypto coins to invest in today because of its stellar past price performance, incredible network growth, and unmatched appeal to privacy-focused crypto traders/investors. This has even earned it the nickname – crypto of the future. Launched in 2018, uniswap stands out as one of the few dexs that guarantee pseudonymity to crypto enthusiasts.

In an age where more crypto traders and investors are actively looking for platforms that provide a level of privacy to their online transactions, we expect its user base to explode soon. At the end of q2 2022, uniswap was believed to have boarded 3.9 million traders who have traded in excess of $1.1 trillion. Further, uniswap has been integrated into 300+ defi and dapps.

Moving forward, we expect it to onboard more users and be integrated into more defi apps to help drive up uni token prices. By the turn of the decade, for example, we expect uni and your current investment to have rallied by more than 10000 per cent to break above $500.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Decentraland (mana)

Decentraland is one of the oldest and most popular metaverse crypto projects today. We feature it among the best crypto coins to invest in now because, like most other cryptos of the future, we expect mana token prices to continue uptrending. By the turn of the decade, for instance, we estimate that mana token prices will have broken above $10, effectively growing your current mana investment by as much as 14000 per cent.

We also feature it here because of its rich and continually expanding ecosystem. So far, multiple big-name brands, including Coca-Cola, Samsung, Dominos, Atari, and Morgan Stanley Bank, have already purchased plots of virtual land on decentraland. Additionally, decentraland is working towards introducing more features to the ecosystem, including play-to-earn games, defi, dapps, and even web3 programs.

Decentraland has also been consistent in growing its user base. And all these, plus its proven resilience as evidenced by its past price action, are also expected to continue driving up its future mana token prices.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Binance coin (bnb) 

Binance coin has only been around for five years, and by the time it peaked in late 2021, it had grown its ico price by more than 450,000 per cent. This helped bnb acquire a near-permanent position among the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies. The unprecedented growth also saw it list virtually all the most popular crypto exchanges and was also adopted as a payment method on several online stores. And all these make it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies and one of the best crypto coins to invest in today.

But this isn’t the only reason why we feature binance coin among the top cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023. We also include it here because it has a highly promising future and is backed by a provably sustainable crypto ecosystem. It is the native token for the fast-growing binance smart chain and the utility token for the largest centralized crypto exchange. And both the exchange and smart chain have played a critical role in popularising bnb coins, which has a direct impact on their price action.

Additionally, the many developments in this ecosystem have the overall effect of pushing up bnb token prices in the future. For starters, binance has committed to regular burning of excess tokens used when paying transaction fees on their exchange.

Further, binance has embarked on an aggressive acquisition and partnership campaign, targeting both crypto and non-crypto-focused brands throughout the market contraction period. This move has the overall effect of expanding the binance ecosystem and increasing bnb token use cases, which will most definitely lead to a value gain.

So how much do you expect to make investing in binance coins today? Well, most forecasters expect binance coin to rally by as much as 5000 per cent and to break above $15,000 by the turn of the decade – further confirming why it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest and hodl today.

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Polygon (matic) 

Polygon is the largest layer-2 scaling solution for the ethereum network. It is also the most valuable and best-performing layer two scaling solution. We include it on our list of best crypto coins to invest in 2023 because of its impressive past price action, its proven resilience, an overall uptrending price action, and its auspicious future.

We must observe that even though ethereum merge is aimed at correcting scalability – polygon’s primary feature, we do not expect it to have a significant or long-term adverse effect on matic prices. For starters, the merge only provides a limited scalability improvement to the eth network - implying that brands building on the network will still need to use polygon to complement eth’s scalability. Secondly, polygon is a multi-chain l2 scaling solution, and we expect it to launch on other blockchains soon. This will only contribute to increased demand and price for matic tokens.

All these go on to show just how underutilised polygon token and the network is. But as it launches on new blockchain platforms and the adoption of crypto/blockchain rises, the crypto community is convinced that matic token prices will shoot to new heights.

We, therefore, include it among the top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023 because we expect its matic prices to correct upwards in the near future. By 2030, we estimate that matic will have rallied by as much as 9000 per cent to tear above $60.  

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Cardano (ada) 

Cardano is indeed one of the top crypto to consider buying this year. Cardano is often considered the most secure blockchain technology today. And until the eth merge, it was the largest smart contract platform operating the proof of stake consensus mechanism. Launched in 2017, cardano has also proved its resilience by surviving several devastating crypto market crashes and contractions and maintaining an overall positive roi.

But we include it among the best crypto coins to invest in today primarily because we believe it is massively undervalued. Despite having a positive roi and a position among the ten largest cryptocurrencies, ada token prices are massively underpriced. And we attribute this undervaluation to its sluggish process of integrating emerging crypto technologies into its ecosystem, making cardano less dynamic.

The platform has, however, made significant strides in catching up with other ethereum-killers, starting with the integration of smart contract technology in late 2021. Moving forward, and as the ecosystem integrates more technologies, we expect ada token prices to start correcting upwards, making it a top crypto coin to buy and hodl. By the turn of the decade, for instance, we estimate that cardano will have grown your current investment by more than 10,000 per cent and torn above $50.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Are cryptocurrencies worth investing in? `

Well, cryptocurrencies are worth considering. In fact, they have positioned themselves as an excellent investment by outperforming virtually all other asset classes in the last decade.

Still not convinced that cryptos are worth investing in? Here are four more reasons that prove why cryptocurrencies are worth investing in:  

Ownership over asset: cryptocurrency is the only asset that gives you absolute ownership over your investment. They are free of censorship, and you have absolute control over their use.

Massively promising roi: over the last decade, cryptos have posted massive gains. Moving forward, we expect them to post even greater value gains, which translate to outsized gains on your crypto portfolio.

Long-term store of value: one of cryptocurrency’s greatest features is the fact that they are inflation-proof. Therefore, they serve as excellent stores of value.

Investment hedge: cryptos are an excellent asset for diversifying your investment. They especially come in handy for anyone looking for a hedge against conventional investments like stock and commodities.

Where to invest in the best crypto coins in 2023?

The majority of the cryptocurrencies that we have discussed above are massively popular and have thus been listed with virtually all the most popular crypto exchanges. This makes the search for the best place to buy and invest in these digital assets quite overwhelming, especially for beginner crypto traders/investors.

To help you get started, however, we recommend the following three crypto exchanges:

Etoro: overall best exchange to invest in cryptocurrencies. Etoro maintains one of the most beginner-friendly interfaces, requires an affordable deposit/trading minimum limit of $10, and charges highly competitive transaction fees.

Coinbase: most user-friendly exchange to invest in cryptocurrencies. Coinbase operates a beginner-friendly interface, allows you to invest cryptos instantly, and lists a wide range of cryptos and their trading pairs.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

How to invest in the best cryptocurrencies in 2023 for beginners – step by step guide

Do you want to start buying either of these crypto assets immediately and aren’t sure how to get started? We recommend registering with the all-popular and user-friendly etoro crypto exchange. The process is straightforward, and you could invest in crypto in less than 10 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Step 1: register an account 

Search for etoro on your browser and click on the “join now” option on the exchange’s official website. Complete the registration form that pops up by keying in your name, address, phone number, email address, and country of residence, as well as your income sources and trading experience.

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Step 2: verify your identity

You will also need to verify your identity by uploading a copy of a government-issued identity card, be it a driver’s license or passport.

Step 3: deposit funds into the approved account

Once the account is approved, log in and on the user dashboard, tap the “deposit funds” icon on your user dashboard. On the funding tab that pops up, choose your preferred payment option and follow the prompts to complete the cash transfer.

Step 4: choose the crypto coins(s) you wish to invest in

On the user dashboard, click on the “discover” tab to reveal the asset classes supported on etoro. Choose ‘crypto’ and identify the digital asset you wish to buy from the list of cryptocurrencies supported on etoro that pops up here.

Step 5: invest in top cryptos

Hit the “buy” icon against your preferred crypto asset. On the trading menu that pops up, customise the trade by indicating the number of tokens you wish to invest in or the amount of fiat you wish to spend on the purchase. Then hit the “open trade” button to initiate the transaction.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Conclusion – the best cryptos to invest today

Granted, finding the best crypto coin to invest in today from a list of 20,000+ options can be overwhelming. But in this guide, we have introduced you to what we consider the 10 best cryptocurrencies to buy right now. We have also provided a detailed brief of each crypto, indicating why they are worth investing, how they performed in the past, and what we can expect from them moving forward.

Looking to buy any of these cryptos right now? We recommend following the step-by-step guide to buying top cryptocurrencies on etoro that we have outlined above.

Frequently asked questions about best crypto 2023 

What is the best crypto to invest in 2023?

Bitcoin remains the best crypto to invest in 2023 because it has not only proven its resilience, posted incredible gains in the past, has the backing of a highly reliable and trusted blockchain technology, but also has a highly promising future.

Which crypto coin will explode in 2023?

No one can pinpoint with utmost accuracy what cryptocurrency will explode in 2023. Nonetheless, we are confident the prices for the 10 cryptos we have discussed hereinabove will shoot to unprecedented heights over the next few months if the market starts recovering.

Which is the best crypto of the future?

Several coins on this list have a hugely promising future, and their value is expected to explode over the next few years. They include solana, decentraland, uniswap, polygon, ethereum, binance coin and even bitcoin.

What is the best new crypto to invest in right now?

Apecoin is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in 2023. It has a hugely promising future and the backing of the nft community, celebrities, and crypto influencers.

What is the best cryptos to invest in the short term?

Meme coins like shiba inu and apecoin are perfect short-term investments, especially during market recovery, because their value is mostly driven by hype and market performance. 

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.