BRITISH UFO researchers are to examine a photograph taken of a strange object above a North- East town.

Derbyshire man Barry Knaggs found the image when he downloaded pictures he had taken on his digital camera during a visit to Spennymoor, County Durham, at the weekend.

Mr Knaggs, 61, and his wife were returning to the town where his parents used to live.

He said: "I know the landscape isn't very photographic, but I had fond memories of the streets around Spennymoor and it was a bit of a trip down memory lane.

"We had spent the weekend staying with a cousin in Kirk Merrington and stopped off to grab some shots to show my son."

Although the couple noticed nothing unusual at the time, Mr Knaggs said he was amazed when he downloaded the photos to his PC back home.

He said: "When I zoomed in to have a look, I had to tell myself to stop being silly.

"It looked like the typical fuzzy photo of a flying saucer."

Mr Knaggs sent the photo to The Northern Echo in the hope that someone may be able to identify it.

He said: "I wondered if it was something that buzzes around in the sky that local people are aware of, but still puzzles visitors.

"To be honest I am a bit sceptical about UFOs and that sort of thing."

The photograph will be examined by experts from the British UFO Research Association (Bufora).

Investigator Gloria Dixon said: "Before we can say for certain what Mr Knaggs' picture shows, we need as much information as possible.

"In particular, we need to know from which direction it was taken and what time of day."

Bufora receives thousands of UFO sightings a year, and most of them turn out to have an earthly explanation.

Ms Dixon said: "Just recently, we have been inundated with digital photos of what seem to be strange objects which have turned out to be birds.

"A bird passing through the focal field of a video camera will appear as a blurry elongated object.

"Experts see so many that they have coined the term blurfo to describe them."

However, Mr Knaggs said: "The object in the picture is a long way in the distance, but it seems quite solid and you can see the light reflecting from its surface."

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