Shoppers in County Durham have reported experiencing ‘madness in the aisles’ after trying to find a new drink that’s hitting UK supermarkets- - with some shops now limiting each customer to three bottles per person.

Over the last few months, stores in the UK have started stocking new hydration drink PRIME, which has become popular in the USA and is championed by celebrities such as KSI and Logan Paul.

With its block colour bottles and a range of flavours, PRIME has become a hit with younger audiences, but parents trying to get their kids the drink and older people have also been spotted buying it too.

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After the drink first launched in the UK earlier this year, people were seen queuing outside shops for it – so it’s no surprise that people in County Durham are now trying to pick it up in large quantities.

On Saturday (October 15), the issue of shoppers trying to pick PRIME up was laid bare when an image was shared on a local social media page, which had an image of cases of PRIME stacked up in Peterlee ASDA.

Despite there been plenty of bottles left in the supermarket on the post, many people commenting on the post noted that by the time they got to the store at 9am, there was none left, showing the popularity of the hit drink.

Taking to social media, one user said: “Asda Hartlepool have limited these to 3 per customer,” while another added: “I don’t see the hype”.

Many others were divided on the hype over the drink, with some trying to buy it and others seeing it as a bad thing for children.

The Northern Echo: A crate of PRIME drink. Picture: NORTHERN ECHOA crate of PRIME drink. Picture: NORTHERN ECHO (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Many people might be asking – why is PRIME so popular? With celebrities linked to the product and teenagers seen drinking it in the advertising campaign, it’s a popular drink.

The fact that some schools have also banned PRIME has almost made it more popular.

However, there is another explanation, as its creator, KSI, posted online about recently.

Speaking on an episode of The Fellas podcast, the British entertainer got on the topic of PRIME, where he explained why it’s so hard to find the drink in stores.

He said: “It’s always sold out, man. Honestly, people are selling it on the black market.

“The only place you’re meant to get PRIME is Asda and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations!

“Asda employees aren’t even putting it on the shelves anymore. They’re shipping it out lowkey. They’re like ‘what’s the point, I put it on the shelf, and it’s gone instantly.”

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