A loved-up Darlington couple shocked their colleagues after deciding to get engaged inside an Amazon warehouse.

Robert Lemnaru, who is a fulfilment associate at Amazon Bowburn, dropped down on one knee and proposed to girlfriend, Szende Galfalvi while at work.

The couple, who have been together for the last two years and have a young son, Leonidas, together, met at the Symmetry Park site in the summer of 2020.

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Speaking to The Northern Echo, the pair described their "perfect" engagement - despite it happening under very unusual circumstances.

The Northern Echo: The couple have loved each other "unconditionally" for two years. Picture: Szende GalfalviThe couple have loved each other "unconditionally" for two years. Picture: Szende Galfalvi (Image: Szende Galfalvi)

Taking place during a team briefing on Sunday, Szende was left in disbelief when Robert proposed at the start of their shift.

She said: "I am so pleased he proposed in his own way - he was really brave to get in front of everyone to ask.

"For us, it was the perfect proposal, it made me so proud of him."

Just before the proposal, Robert described Szende and said the following, leaving some teary-eyed: "The best PG here at Amazon, to the best mother any child could ask for, and also to the most loving woman any man could wish for."

She said: "I thought it was a normal day when we got to work at the warehouse on Sunday.

"We went into a meeting at 6:40 pm, and after the manager had spoken he handed the microphone to Robert.

"My first thought was that he was going to talk about being a fast packer, but then he said that he had an announcement for the best Process Guide at Amazon.

"And I just thought 'Oh my god, he means me! What is going on?!' I am kind of shy, so I was blushing - when he asked me to marry him I was just so full of feelings. It was overwhelming for sure, but I am just so happy."

And it seems it was love at first sight as the couple were actually working opposite shifts when they first met, but Szende decided to work overtime to see Robert.

Szende explained: "Even before we started talking, I was taking as much overtime as I could.

"I liked Robert's energy and I had a really good feeling about him. He was a really fast worker too, so I was always trying to follow his lead."

"We started out just smiling at each other on the warehouse floor but now, we have been together for about two years."

The Northern Echo: Szende says that the couple 'complete each other'. Picture:Szende GalfalviSzende says that the couple 'complete each other'. Picture:Szende Galfalvi (Image: Szende Galfalvi)

For the couple, Amazon is so important, as they wouldn't have had the chance to meet without working there. The couple plan on working for Amazon for a long time to come - as they both enjoy their roles.

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Speaking of their wedding, the couple said: "We will probably have something Amazon-themed at our wedding as it represents us. It is not just a workplace, but somewhere that made us a couple."

The wedding will be in Romania, so their family can attend, though Szende was quick to add: "We will also have a little party with the people we work with - I want everything to be perfect!

"Our love is based on honesty and trust - and we promise to be there for each other for an eternity. We love each other unconditionally."

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