A FAMILY duo is attempting to set a world record by becoming the first two-man team in history to row across the North Atlantic.

Father and son-in-law Kevan Jefferson and Martin Gilbey are setting sail from Canada to England despite having no previous rowing experience.

Their unsupported epic journey will take them across 2,100 nautical miles of ocean over two months next June.

They will row over the spot where the doomed liner, Titanic, was hit by an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage in 1912.

The inspiration came from Mr Jefferson's cousins' husbands, George Rock and Nigel Morris, who rowed across the Atlantic as part of a four-man crew in 2005.

After being involved in that feat, the pair decided to embark on their own adventure on the high seas.

Mr Gilbey, 26, works as general manager at Midas Cladding, a firm set up 14 years ago by Mr Jefferson, and is also studying part-time for a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Teesside.

He said: "We have known each other for ten years and we are really close. There is no one else I would rather be doing this with.

"We are just two ordinary men but we are both pretty adventurous. I'm so excited about this, the adventure of it all, I've never been one to sit and watch life go by. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this.

"My wife, Claire, is excited and nervous as it is her dad and husband who are doing this.

"Everything I do is gung-ho but I have never let her down yet."

They are looking for sponsors to help fund their £100,000 trip from St Johns in Canada to Falmouth in England.

The adventure will see them set sail in a vessel made from a composite epoxy resin and glass cloth with a kevlar coating, making it light-weight yet robust.

They will maintain contact with the outside world through live internet postings, email and satellite phone enabling landlubbers to share in the experience.

Mr Gilbey said: "There are lots of doubters out there but we'll give it a good go and we have faith that we will do it. I have always said that I never want to regret anything."

The duo from Middlesbrough will split the rowing between them, alternating two hours sleep with two hours rowing.

They have started training in earnest and are cycling 50 miles at a time while concentrating on improving their upper body strength.

Mr Jefferson, 45, said: "It's all about coming out of my comfort zone, testing myself physically and mentally and making my mark.

"We've started specific cardio and endurance training and will keep building on this.

"The weather will be very extreme. The water can be colder than freezing and we will be aiming to row two marathons a day."

For more information, visit northatlanticrow.com