A mother has slammed a school for "not doing enough" after a shocking video of her daughter being "bullied" emerged on social media.

Olivia Elder, 12, was left with a split lip, chipped tooth and a bruised eye socket after the alleged incident at Risedale School in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

The attack, which is believed to have been filmed by another student and posted online, reportedly involved Olivia being punched, pushed and her hair left pulled.

The police and school have since responded, with the school saying they take instances of bullying "extremely seriously."

But last night, Olivia's mother, Lois Elder said she had resorted to home schooling after the shocking video, while claiming not enough was being to done to prevent the bullying.


She said: “The issue is, is that the school hasn’t contacted her since and we’re actually home-schooling her and also they weren’t going to do anything about the incident until we started threatening them.”

In the video, which The Northern Echo has chosen not to publish, is understood to have been uploaded to TikTok.

In it, it appears to show a group of pupils witnessing an attack on Olivia before she reportedly runs away and hides in a school toilet.

Ms Elder claimed that a number of children and parents had undergone a similar situation and had also been forced to take their children out of Risedale School.

She said: “Since it happened, I’ve heard that quite a few parents have brought their children out of this school and have had similar issues, because the school allow this to happen.

The Northern Echo: Lois and Olivia Elder Picture: Lois ElderLois and Olivia Elder Picture: Lois Elder (Image: Picture: Lois Elder)




“We have someone we met through this situation who lives just round the corner, she has taken her daughter out of school before, she then put her back in and then take her back out again because of bullying.”

Recalling that Olivia had been left "traumatised," she said: “She’s quite traumatised about it, she’s receiving victim support at the moment.”

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Ms Elder, who works for North Yorkshire County Council, and her partner have discussed the issue with North Yorkshire Police, however, she feels the force is “brushed it off.”

Initially, Ms Elder approached the school to complain, however she felt they weren’t doing enough to punish those responsible.

Ms Elder added: “We’re trying our best to resolve this but it is extremely hard because it seems like they’re all trying to make out like it is nothing.

“But this is clearly a problem, we’re home schooling our daughter because I can, but it makes me think about all these kids that haven’t been supported and have nowhere to run when this is happening and have committed suicide as a result."

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The Northern Echo: Olivia Elder Picture: Lois ElderOlivia Elder Picture: Lois Elder (Image: Picture: Lois Elder)

In response, a spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said they are working closely with the school and all parties involved.

They said: “Bullying is a very harmful behaviour which cannot be tolerated in any walk of life, especially in schools.

“Our officers are working closely with the school and liaising with all parties involved to address this issue.”

A spokesperson for Risedale School said: “We take any incident of bullying extremely seriously and respond with decisive and robust action.

“We responded to this incident with severity and are working closely with all those involved.”

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