A wedding venue in Durham has hit out on social media after one couple left without paying for their wedding.

Last night, The Townhouse Durham took to Facebook to out the couple after they allegedly thought they could get away with simply not paying a penny.

The Facebook post has now racked up 2,400 comments in just 12 hours, with an outpouring of support for the venue's owners.

The venue uses a picture of the couple and asks if anyone knows the two women, to get in touch as soon as possible.

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The post reads: "Never in a million years did we think we would have to do this."

The post then names the alleged pair before saying they "think it’s ok not to pay, in times as tough as they are for businesses, they’ve took the decision to Rob our business."

The post then continues to say that they "requested to our staff time and time again if they could pay on checkout for their wedding" as they "don’t get paid until this date."

The post adds: "So we gave them the benefit of the doubt because we know times are hard.

"So they’ve held a wedding at our hotel let us rack up Huge food costs and then leave without paying.

"I’m so disappointed that someone would do this, they haven’t requested to pay in instalments when we’ve called them and asked them to pay they’ve just outright refused.

"So we’re trying to find there address to send them some legal correspondence as we won’t let this slide.

"Times and expenses are too tough not to pursue this money! If these people work for you or if you know them please get in touch so we can try and recover our money."

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