A North East woman has shared the shocking moment she was left without a wheelchair on her flight to Mallorca and was forced to drag herself up the aisle to the toilet.

Hartlepool woman Jennie Berry, took to social media to share her shocking treatment on her flight with small Spanish airline Albastar.

In the video, Jennie can be seen having to drag herself along the aisle of the plane to make it to the toilet after the airline had no ‘aisle chair’ – a type of wheelchair for airplanes – on board.

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Jennie, who is paralysed from the waist down, also claims the cabin crew told her the disabled passengers should ‘wear nappies on board’ and offered her no assistance to get to the toilet at the front of the plane.

Jennie said: “Every flight I’ve ever had has been with an aisle chair. It’s how they got me onto the plane but when I got on, they said they didn’t have one on board.

The Northern Echo: Jennie shared the shocking moment on social media. Picture: INSTAGRAM/WHEELIE_GOOD_LIFEJennie shared the shocking moment on social media. Picture: INSTAGRAM/WHEELIE_GOOD_LIFE (Image: INSTAGRAM)

“The flight didn’t get off to a great start as they wouldn’t let me sit anywhere near the front of the plan even though there were spare seats.

“Then when I asked if I could go to the toilet, they just said no that they couldn’t help and they just carried on serving the drinks.

“Once I reached the toilet, staff told me that ‘disabled people should wear nappies on board’. Apparently, that’s their solution?!”

Jennie's partner then had to help her into the toilet when she made it to the end of the plane.

The blogger and disability-activist was taking a flight from Newcastle Airport to Palma in Mallorca when the shocking situation unfolded.

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She was initially booked with airline TUI, but her flight was changed to be with Albastar, a small Spanish airline which often operates carrier flights on behalf of other airlines.

The Northern Echo: Jennie's partner had to help her into the toilet after she said staff wouldn't help. Picture: INSTAGRAM/WHEELIE_GOOD_LIFEJennie's partner had to help her into the toilet after she said staff wouldn't help. Picture: INSTAGRAM/WHEELIE_GOOD_LIFE (Image: INSTAGRAM/WHEELIE_GOOD_LIFE)

Since posting the video on Instagram, it has been viewed by thousands of people and liked over 15,000 times.

In the comments many rushed to support Jennie, including former-Eastenders actress and Strictly Come Dancing's first deaf contestant Rose Ayling-Ellis.

Rose commented: "This is so unacceptable. I'm sorry this [has] happened to you. It's so frustrating to see that attitude is still happening. I hope you're ok."

The Northern Echo has contacted both TUI and Albastar for a comment.

Watch the shocking moment captured on video

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