The family of a dad who tragically died after a trampoline accident has issued an urgent plea after a home they were hoping to move into "fell through."

When Rob Harcourt and his partner, Jade Higgins found out they were expecting another child, little did they know the tragic circumstances that would follow.

The pair, who already had four children, began to look at larger homes on Teesside in order to accommodate their growing family - and have the perfect home.

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But just several weeks later, the 37-year-old Stockton scaffolder was left paralysed after a failed backflip on a trampoline at a friend's house.

The Northern Echo: Rob and partner Jade Higgins along with a baby scan earlier this year Picture: NORTHERN ECHORob and partner Jade Higgins along with a baby scan earlier this year Picture: NORTHERN ECHO (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Last month, Rob died with his mother, Jackie Graves and Jade by his side after an operation to stabilise his neck was unsuccessful. 

Now, the family have revealed that an ideal home they were looking to move into has fallen through and are now appealing for anyone to help.

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Rob's mum, Jackie told The Northern Echo: "Today, we found out that the four-bedroomed house Jade was hoping to rent has fallen through.

"This is a huge blow as she is living in a tiny three-bed with four children and one on the way.

"Jade has been to hell and back with my son's unexpected passing. Rob was a big strong man and could get rid of the people in the alleyway easily.

The Northern Echo:

"But Jade is tiny and pregnant. It's just a terrible place and they need to be out of there ASAP."

30-year-old Jade, who was hoping to rent a house big enough for five children, had been due to move into a property in the Eston area.

But those plans have not come to fruition, leaving the devastated partner without anywhere suitable to go.

Meanwhile, Jackie revealed that Jade had been put on prescription medication after suffering from anxiety - and beta blockers for her heart - following her partner's death.

Jackie added: "She can't even buy stuff ready for the baby because there's nowhere to put anything in such a small house."

As a result, Rob's mum Jackie is hoping someone can come forward with a replacement home in either Eston or Normanby big enough to accommodate the family.

The blow comes as the family have been touched by an outpouring of support from hundreds of people in the community.

A GoFundMe, which was set up before Rob's death, has since seen more than £11,160 raised.

Set up by Amanda Jones, a family friend, the money is going towards supporting the family's costs with the funeral and costs going forward.

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