The morning after the death of Her Majesty the Queen, the general mood in Darlington town centre was sombre and solemn.

The Northern Echo spoke with the public today (Friday, September 9) to see what the people of Darlington had to say the day after Buckingham Palace announced the news.

As the rain poured in Darlington, the atmosphere seemed rather fitting on this day of mourning.

The vast majority of people we spoke with said they were saddened by Queen Elizabeth’s death.

The Northern Echo: Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday, Thursday, September 8, aged 96. Picture: PAQueen Elizabeth II died yesterday, Thursday, September 8, aged 96. Picture: PA (Image: PA)

The Northern Echo: Floral tributes have been left for the Queen at the Market Cross in Darlington. Picture: Aja DoddFloral tributes have been left for the Queen at the Market Cross in Darlington. Picture: Aja Dodd (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

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The Northern Echo: Robert FosterRobert Foster (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

We spoke with Robert Foster while passing The Pasta Shop on Maude Street. Robert thought it was “a big deal” that the Queen had died and that businesses and schools should have closed for the day.

Robert said: “She’s done a lot for the country so I think to be honest things should come to a halt for her. She was Queen for 70 years so I think we could stop for a week.

“She’s been there (on the throne) for so long so I do think it’s sad that she’s gone.”

The Northern Echo: Karen MedcalfeKaren Medcalfe (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

While in The Pasta Shop, we also spoke with Karen Medcalfe who thought the Queen was a figure we could all look up to.

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Karen said: “70 years is such a long time and it’s all I’ve ever known. I can’t really imagine having a King. I do know there’s been some negative stuff on social media about it all and I just think that’s so disrespectful and unnecessary. She’s served this country well and that should be respected.”

The Northern Echo: Beryl HankinBeryl Hankin (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

As we walked down Skinnergate and Blackwellgate, we spoke with Beryl Hankin from Guru and she had similar views on the event that is sure to go down in history.

Beryl said: “I think everyone, no matter what their political views are, everyone liked the Queen. She was like a grandmother figure to everyone really so she will definitely be missed.”

Church services were being held across the town this afternoon and this evening and we spoke with some people leaving the service at St Cuthbert’s Church just after 12pm about how they were feeling.

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The Northern Echo: Karen Mitford Karen Mitford (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

Karen Mitford went to Windsor for the Queen’s 90th birthday and she didn’t hold back on her appreciation of the Queen.

Karen said: “She was a very gracious woman and she’s been a big part of our lives. She has been such a great presence for the nation. We went to Windsor for her 90th.”

The Northern Echo: Mouhyedin AlkhalilMouhyedin Alkhalil (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

We headed to Darlington’s Yards next and caught up with Darlington’s own falafel fella, who moved here from Syria four years ago.

Mouhyedin Alkhalil, who runs Falafel Fella on Clark’s Yard, said: “When I first came to this country I liked the Queen, I felt safe and had freedom. She was a gracious woman and I’m glad she didn’t spend her last days in hospital.”

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