A popular pet food store in Richmond will close its doors for the last time after the “most challenging of times.”

The Raw Store, found on Mercury Road in Richmond, issued a statement on Facebook announcing the closure.

After thanking customers, the statement continued to stress that the last six “months has been the most challenging of times.”

It continued: “Heck – the last seven years working for myself has been a challenge and one I have absolutely no regrets doing.”

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The statement thanked customers for their support over “the last seven years” and said it had been a “joy and delight to support you.”

The Northern Echo:

The Raw Store will close its doors on Wednesday September 28, or sooner if they are able to sell all their remaining stock.

Deliveries have also been stopped and store owners pointed customers to other websites where people can order raw food for both dogs and cats.

The statement concluded: “I have been offered a new job with Boots Hearing Care and will eventually be training to be an audiologist – so if you need a hearing aid, please get in touch.”

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