A VILLAGE shop is struggling to keep up with its customers demands - for grey squirrel meat.

Ridley's Fish and Game has sold 30 squirrels this week alone.

Owners David and Carolyn Ridley have adopted the slogan "eat a grey, save a red" and such as been the interest in the delicacy, they have been bowled over by the demand.

Now the shop is supplying Matfen Hall Hotel's restaurant, where confit of squirrel in a chestnut terrine has already proved a popular addition to the menu.

The shop - based in Corbridge, Northumberland - started stocking the meat in January and has regularly sold out since.

David, who also has a kitchen and game larder in Acomb, near Hexham, said: "There has been a considerable amount of interest.

"I think it's the initial novelty value and having something different to try which is making a lot of people go for the squirrel.

"At the moment, we are processing the squirrels as soon as they come in, but game would usually be hung for a while first.

"Squirrel doesn't need to be hung though - the meat has a wonderful flavour of its own. It is quite sweet and has the versatility of most game meats.

"It has gone down very well with our customers."