The Great North Run is returning to the streets of the North East this weekend, with thousands expected to take part as they raise money for charities. 

Ahead of the race, participants will be training so they can make sure they are at their healthiest. 

Along with all the training and planning, making sure you know all the info about the event would also be helpful

From parking, transport, baggage, numbers, colours and much more, but there's one aspect no one can control or plan. 

With the weather laying heavy on everyone's minds ahead of the big day, as all participants and supporters hope for perfect conditions.

But of course, runners will have spent their months training in all and every type of weather condition from rainy skies, strong winds, heat waves, and even snow. 

And although we can't promise what the weather will be, we can look at the latest Met Office report to give you an idea of what to expect this weekend. 

Great North Run Met Office Forecast

If you were hoping for sunny conditions you might be slightly disappointed as the skies will be cloudy all day. 

But the temperatures are set to be perfect for running conditions, with heights of 16C during the morning of the race and little wind too. 

Plus, the chance of precipitation is low at just 10% throughout the entire day meaning there's little need to worry about the rain.

See the full report via the Met Office now.