Dog lovers across Darlington will be happy to hear that there are dozens of adorable dogs looking for a new home in the town.

Dogs Trust in Darlington is urging potential owners to consider adopting a rescue puppy, desperately looking for a forever home.

We’ve pulled together 10 dogs the charity is hoping to rehome in Darlington.

Badger, Lurcher – 5 to 7 years old

The Northern Echo:

Badger has been described as a sweet boy who can have a sensitive side and needs some TLC.

However, he is a lover of food with no boundaries so “lurcher-proofing” your kitchen is a must.

He can be vocal when he sees new dogs so loves walks in quieter areas and can also be worried by new dogs and will need someone who likes gradual socialisation in his new home.

Badger may live in a home with children over the age of 11 but not multiple child households as he prefers a quieter lifestyle.

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He will need basic training, including housetraining and building up his leaving hours.

Billy, Greyhound – two to five years old

The Northern Echo:

Billy is an affectionate dog who loves to snuggle up on the sofa, but also loves going on new adventures and “walks beautifully on the lead.”

He has a playful side and loves squeaky toys but can also enjoy a midday snooze.

He is looking for an adult only home and is fully housetrained and used to being left alone for a few hours.

Dogs Trust add: “Like many sighthounds Billy has a high chase drive around small furries, so will need to be kept onlead and muzzled for his walks.”

Boyd, crossbreed – two to five years old

The Northern Echo:

Dogs Trust say Boyd has not seen much of the world so finds new faces and places scary.

His favourite thing to do is sleep in his bed and watch the world go by.

Boyd is looking for an adult-only home with no visiting children so he can get used to what home life is like at his own pace.

He will need access to his own garden as it may be a while before he is confident enough to start going for walks.

He also has a few doggy friends, dog trust says, so could potentially live with a  female dog, pending a successful meet at the centre.

Bubbles, Lurcher – One to two years.

The Northern Echo:

Bubbles is a “lovely boy with lots of personality”, but he is a very shy and finds new faces a bit unnerving so needs careful introductions to people who he doesn’t know.

Once he knows you he is an “affectionate boy who loves a good fuss.”

He knows a few commands and is housetrained and also enjoys his walks and is very well behaved on the lead.

Bubbles is very playful and loves his toys and will never turn down a game of fetch.

He is looking for a quiet, adult-only home with no visiting children. He can also be worried around men so would prefer a female-only home.

Buddy, Staffordshire Bull Terrier – five to seven years old

The Northern Echo:

Buddy is a typical people loving Staffy and apparently “loves the company of his humans.”

Dogs Trust says he loves playing with his toys with his carers and having cuddles on the sofa with them.

He needs to be kept on a lead in public and does prefer to walk in less busy places.

Buddy doesn’t like to share his personal spaces with other dogs, he can also be left alone for a couple of hours once settled and can live with children over the age of 16.

Buddy is fully housetrained.

Cash, English Bulldog – two to five years old

The Northern Echo:

Cash has been described as a sweet and sensitive dog who can get worried at times by new faces  and places.

He also needs help of patient and understanding owners to help boost his confidence.

Owners also need the confidence to advise strangers to give Cash some space when out in public.

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Cash is looking to be the only dog in his home and prefers a quieter adult only home with no visiting children.

It will take time for Cash to settle at his new home but once he does he can be left alone for a few hours.

Chase, Lurcher – one to two years old

The Northern Echo:

Chase is a bouncy ball full of energy and fun and adores his food and toys in equal measure, Dog’s Trust has said.

He is looking for a quit, adult only home who are around all day to continue with his house training.

His own secure garden would also be preferred, to enjoy brain games and release his excess energy.

Coco, Rottweiler – aged two to five years old

The Northern Echo:

Described as a “beautiful boy” he is apparently affectionate once he gets to know you.

He gets worried by dogs on his walks so will require owners to walk him in quiet areas.

He also loves his food and toys in equal measure and is slowly learning it’s okay to share with his humans.

Coco is also looking for an adult-only, quiet home with minimal visitors and no children.

Dog’s Trust add: “Due to needing to be exercised on lead, he will require direct access to his own secure garden with fencing of around 6ft.

Cooper, crossbreed – aged two to five years old

The Northern Echo:

Cooper reportedly has a “sweet personality” but is a worrier who takes a while to feel at ease with people.

He also enjoys playing with his toys and once he does form a bond with you, he does look for fusses from you.

His perfect home would be an adult-only home in a quitter area, and as he gains confidence from another dog, the home should have an existing female dog.

His ideal walk will be in quiet areas, where he can explore undisturbed and enjoy sniffing.

Digger, Terrier Cross – aged eight and over

The Northern Echo:

Digger is a “bubbly” 10-year-old Terrier Cross, and is very affectionate once he knows you.

Dogs Trust said: “He needs to meet you many times and slowly build that bond, but once it's there he'll snuggle and play with you all day long! 

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“Sadly Digger has had little experience of home life and this has left him with a few anxieties.”

He is very sensitive to noise so he must be in a quiet adult-only household in a peaceful area away from busy roads and outdoor noises.

He needs a lot of patience and understanding from his humans but if you’re looking for a project that will eventually yield a fun and smart dog then digger can be your boy.

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