A Darlington family that suffered the loss of a dad-of-five has been left shocked by a stranger’s random act of kindness.

Rachel Greaves recently lost her husband Chris, aged 47, after he suddenly died last month.

The death of the popular teaching assistant from Wyvern Academy sent shockwaves throughout the community.

Since his death, the family has been coming to terms and processing their loss and Chris' funeral took place in Cockerton, Darlington, on July 28.

It was not until last week, however, that comedian Jord Lozman contacted Rachel’s daughter on Facebook, introduced himself and offered to pay for Chris’ headstone.

The Northern Echo: Chris Greaves, who died last month. Picture: RACHEL GREAVESChris Greaves, who died last month. Picture: RACHEL GREAVES

Rachel said: “I just couldn’t believe it when he said he wanted to pay for the headstone. He’s also been there for all of us and taken us to his comedy gigs and he’s just been great.

“I thought it was such a kind and lovely thing to do. I’ve obviously had some very dark days since Chris died and what Jord’s doing is just amazing. After each gig he drops round and hands over the money raised and I thought that was such a kind thing to do. It’s like an angel has been sent.”

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When Rachel met Jord, from Redcar, he explained that he had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after serving in Afghanistan and two years ago he was seriously contemplating suicide.

Jord said without his wife, Katie, he would not have been able to carry on and he has since devoted his spare time to promoting the importance of men’s mental health through comedy and opening up the conversation around it.

The Northern Echo: Jord Lozman performing stand-up. Picture: JORD LOZMANJord Lozman performing stand-up. Picture: JORD LOZMAN

Jord said: “I know how Chris must’ve been feeling and I just thought the least I could do is try and help his family. Not enough is made of men’s mental health so I use my platform as a stand-up and after each gig I say something about it, whether the audience wants to hear it or not!”

The Northern Echo: Jord surprised Rachel and her daughter by taking them to his stand-up gig. Picture: RACHEL GREAVESJord surprised Rachel and her daughter by taking them to his stand-up gig. Picture: RACHEL GREAVES

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